5906-08 Germantown Avenue
Hutchinson Store
Perkins Collection (Compiled by Helen C. Perkins, 1900-1909), volume 61D, page 38
Historical Society of Pennsylvania

Included are an undated news clipping and photograph:

"The handsome and commodious new grocery, meat and provision store of James Hutchinson, on Main street, opposite Association Hall, was opened on Wednesday last. The place had an attractive appearance, with new fixtures, new stock and an up-to-date air about it that was appreciated by the large number of customers who congratulated Mr. Hutchinson on his handsome building.

"This is without doubt one of the handsomest store properties on Germantown avenue, giving the block between Rittenhouse street and Town Hall Square a business tinge that is appreciated by the storekeepers in that vicinity.

"It is to be hoped that Mr. Hutchinson's improvement will encourage others in the immediate vicinity to do likewise."

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