6019 (subsequently 6023) Germantown Avenue
Green Tree Tavern, Daniel Pastorius House
Perkins Collection (Compiled by Helen C. Perkins, 1900-1909), volume 61D, pages 59, 61-64
Historical Society of Pennsylvania

Included are photographs, woodcuts, and on page 61, the following manuscript text:

"6019 Germantown av. --- Formerly Green Tree Tavern"

"It was built in 1748. The letters 'D.S.P.' in the date stone stand for Daniel & Sarah Pastorius. The house was a public one kept by Daniel Pastorius until his death in 1754. There is a well-founded tradition that during the Battle the attacking Americans, on the east side of the main street (Gnt. av.) under General Wayne, penetrated this far towards the centre of the town. It is referred to in the chronicles of the time as the 'Widow Mackinnett's Tavern," and it was a famous resort for driving and sleighing parties from the city. Later it was called the 'Hornets' Nest' from an immense hornets' nest that was kept here as a curiosity. In 1825, when Lafayette was invited to visit Germantown, the intention was to entertain him at dinner at this inn. The evening before the day he was expected it was concluded that the tavern would not accommodate the party, so a deputation visited the Chew House where arrangements were made for the dinner over which Miss Ann Chew, then a young lady of sixteen, presided."

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