6026 Germantown Avenue
Wyck, the Haines House
Perkins Collection (Compiled by Helen C. Perkins, 1900-1909), volume 61D, pages 66, 68
Historical Society of Pennsylvania

Photographic images and manuscript text:

"No. 6026 Germantown. - Wyck"

"Built before 1700, before Germantown road was opened. The roadway was then an old Indian trail west of the grounds. The old door with its strap hinges, the old door knocker, the stone steps much worn, and the fireplaces are objects of interest. After the battle it was used by the British as a hospital; blood stains still remain. Lafayette held a reception here, seated in a chair that once belonged to Benjamin Franklin. The first part of this old building was built 1690 by Hans Millan. What is now the front part was built some years later. A cart-way or passage was left which led to a small brewery on the place. In 1824 this passageway was closed up, making a cheerful room. It is now owned & occupied by Miss Ann Haines, a descendant."

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