6119-6133 Germantown Avenue
Mennonite Meeting House and Samuel Keyser's House
Perkins Collection (Compiled by Helen C. Perkins, 1900-1909), volume 61D, page 72
Historical Society of Pennsylvania

Two woodcuts of sketches by John Richard (one of Meeting House alone, and the other including Samuel Keyser's house) and the following manuscript text:

"Germantown Road above Herman. Mennonite Church"

"In 1708 the Mennonites erected a log church on the lower end of what is now their burial ground. Here they formed a school also, which was conducted by Christopher Dock, and as late as 1740. They worshipped in the log church until 1770 when they erected the new building, which is still standing-1901. Twenty-five members constituted the congregation at that time, the same as when the church was built over a century ago. It was in this graveyard, attached to the church, that General Agnew and Col. Bird, two British officers were shot, not by the continental army, but by sympathizers with the American Cause. Samuel Keyser died 1866, aged 83. He was a shoemaker by trade."

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