East Haines Street, south side of unit block
A.C. Harmer School
Perkins Collection (Compiled by Helen C. Perkins, 1900-1909), volume 62, page 43
Historical Society of Pennsylvania

Included in the December 1903 newsclipping are text, a photograph of Dorothy Reger and a woodcut of the original Methodist Meeting House:

"The dedication ceremonies of the Alfred C. Harmer Combined School for Girls on Friday evening last attracted a large audience. The beautiful assembly room was tastefully decorated with flower baskets, made by the children...

"The higher classes of the school occupied a portion of the seats, while the remaining portion was filled with the friends of the late Congressman Harmer.

"...Professor John P. Garber, one of the assistant superintendents of public schools, spoke in glowing terms of the ability, energy and interest of Miss Caroland, supervising principal of the Harmer School, and her corps of assistants. Their work, he said, is shown in the positions occupied by the graduates of this school in the High and Normal Schools...."

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