The Old Poor House on West Rittenhouse Street
Perkins Collection (Compiled by Helen C. Perkins, 1900-1909), volume 62, pages 60-61
Historical Society of Pennsylvania

"The Old Poor House"

The above woodcut of the "Old Poor House" (also reproduced in Perkins, vol. 62, p. 59) and the following manuscript text:

"Rittenhouse St., formerly Poor House Lane - The Old Poor House

"The first Board of managers of the Germantown Almshouse was organized in 1807. The first building occupied was a two-story frame structure located on what was then Poor House lane. afterwards a more substantial building was erected, which was sold some years ago. The old almshouse property, after it was sold, was almost immediately built upon. The dwellings and stores on Rittenhouse st. from the new colored Baptist church to Green st. and along the latter street a few hundred feet, were erected on almshouse property. In 1832 a cholera building was put up at the corner of Greene & Rittenhouse streets. It was built of wood and was torn down. In 1871 the almshouse was moved to its present location."

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