5928 Germantown Avenue
Samuel Harvey's Rose Cottage
Thomas H. Shoemaker Collection, folio 10
Historical Society of Pennsylvania

Sketch for "Samuel Harvey's house, Germantown Road op Haines St." copied from a small sketch made by Harvey's son James when a youth.

Also included is the following manuscript text (dated 1889):

"Samuel Harvey, a resident of Phil, moved to Germantown & purchased a tract of land running SW from the Main st. to Township Line, & extending in width in the rear from Harvey to Rittenhouse St.

"About 1810 he erected on the Main St. front the house, the picture of which we have here, which was copied from a small sketch made by his son James when a youth. It is now owned by S. Harvey Thomas.

"Saml Harvey previous to coming to Gtn was a member of the hardware firm of Harvey and Worth, whose place of business was on Front St. After settling here he gave this up, & became very active in local affairs. He was President of the Gtn Bank, also of the Turnpike Co. and Burgess of the town.

"In religion he was a Methodist, & took great interest in the then small congregation who first worshipped in the small building on Haines St., later known as the Infant School. He was a local preacher of considerable renown....

"He was married twice, first to a Miss North, & later to a (Roop?). He died about 1848 & was buried in the Methodist Church yard in Haines St. The house was occupied by his widow for a time after his death & then sold to the town as a site for the Town Hall.

"The place much resembled "Vernon," sitting back like it from the street, with terraces in front, through the lawn ran Honey Run Creek, & as it was surrounded with fine trees the effect was very pretty.

"Saml Harvey Jr., a son, who died about 3 years (ago), aged over eighty, was well known to this generation, & will be long remembered for the pleasant & witty greeting he had for all classes. He lived on Wayne between Harvey & Rittenhouse on the rear of the old place."

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