6100-06 Germantown Avenue
Knorr and Botton Houses, West Corner Germantown Avenue and Walnut Lane
Thomas H. Shoemaker Collection, folio 12
Historical Society of Pennsylvania

Included with the following manuscript text is a photograph (looking down a still unpaved Germantown Avenue and including three dwellings above corner of Walnut Lane) with the caption: "W Cor Germantown Road & W Walnut Lane." This is an image of the Frederick de Bourg Richards photograph at the LCP. Click here for a small or a large version of this photograph.

Manuscript text dated 1889:

"West corner of Main & Walnut Lane"

6100-02 Germantown Avenue:
"The brief of Title to the corner house goes back to Jan. 18th 1682 when Wm Penn conveys 4000 acres of unlocated lands in Penna. to John Jacob Scheetz of Frankford in Germany who with others purchased several tracts and organized the Frankford Co. And located the township of Germantown. Scheetz's share was 428 acres, of which he leases, in 1686, 50 acres to Arnold Cassel, reserving a ground rent of 24 shillings. Cassel, in 1697, sells to Hans Milan, whose son Matthias inherited it, which later passes to Philip Zimmerman, who in 1728, sells to Hans George Knor 18 acres, and whose wife Hannah Zimmerman Knor inherited 25 acres from her mother Margaret Zimmerman. George Knor's heirs sold it (43 acres) to Peter Keyser July 23rd 1762 to make title, who, Aug. 3rd 1762, reconveys to Matthias Knor, the messuage and 25 1/4 acres, this being the first mention of the house. Matthias' executors, Matthias and John, convey through Wm K. F[??], Sep. 1st 1831, the property to John Knor who in 1849 sells to Robt. B. Haines...1839 sells to Esther Morton Smith wife of Daniel B. Smith, the corner of Main St. and Walnut Lane; 234 ft. on the lane and 42 ft. on the street. Under her will Benj. R. Smith sold the premises, May 23rd 1868, to Jacob Albright for $8,000. In 1877 the sheriff sold it out and Wallace Mayhew purchased who in Feb. 1878 sold to Enoch Taylor, who, Oct. 1st 1886 sold to Daniel S. Krieble.

"'Johnny' Knor ...was the last of the old stock to live in the house, the family owning the land from 1728 to 1849. He was called the town chronicler and his stoop was the resort in summer evenings of the neighbors. He and his uncle Jacob, who lived with him, were bachelors. After selling this house John moved to one he owned further up, where Megargee's house stands and here he died aged 75. There was an old Friend, tall, staid and dignified named Abraham Davies, a bachelor, whom John loved to tease about the girls knowing about, one took each arm and the third his coat tails and so marched home with him. Early next morning A. appeared greatly worried and said 'now is your chance.' The girls knowing about, one took each arm and the third his coat tails and so marched home with him. Early next morning A. appeared greatly worried and said 'John, did thee see what happened last night? They would not leave me until I got in the house,' and it was a long while before he recovered from the adventure.

"The old house was torn down in 1868 by Jacob Albright who built the present brick store and on the same lot stands Poley's Drug store. Just when the house was built is unknown but in 1762, it is spoken of in a deed, so it was erected prior to that date.

6104 and 6106 Germantown Avenue:
"Next above, now the 3rd from the corner (John Hammer's tin shop) was Wm. Bottoms old house. I do not know when or by whom it was built as the old deeds are not with Hammer's papers. Wm. Botton a well known person in Gtn. was a soldier in the English army. When the war of 1812 occurred, he was sent here and in a battle was shot through the waist the same bullet killing a man on one side of him and wounding another on the other side. This was enough for him and when able he deserted & travelled through the south finally arriving in Gtn. With one cent in his pocket. C.J. Wister employed him and being industrious he throve finally buying out Haines Brew House Walnut Lane. ..

"The gable end of the house which appears next was also Bottons still stands.

Addendum: "Wm. Botton born Leeds, England Nov. 27, 1789, died Gtn Mar 8th 1848. John Knorr b. 4/8/1780 d 6/2/1858 buried Upper Burying Ground is no doubt our 'Johnny.'"

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