6105 Germantown Avenue
Blair-Button-Deaver House
Thomas H. Shoemaker Collection, folios 9 and 17
Historical Society of Pennsylvania

Included are manuscript text and two photographic images:

Manuscript text, dated 1889:

"John Button's House"

"This house was built in 1806 by the Rev. Dr. Blair, who lived in the house now occupied by Miss Burkhard as a boarding home, east corner of Main & Walnut Lane for his son Sam'l Blair Jr. It was of course long before Walnut Lane was opened and was therefore on the lot with the paternal residence.

"In 1835 John Button bought it for $3600. (see his print, this collection) He erected in the rear of the house his mill, which has gradually grown into the extensive establishment known as the Germantown Knitting Mills. The house was occupied by him from the date of purchase until his death, which took place in 1882, his wife having died there a few years previously. In it his son, Conyers, was born and his grandson, Priestly, the later inheriting it from his grandfather and still owning it."

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