The Old Poor House
West Rittenhouse (formerly Poor House Lane) at McCallum Street
Thomas H. Shoemaker Collection, folio 23
Historical Society of Pennsylvania

Included in the Shoemaker Collection are an ink drawing and the following manuscript text.

"The Old Poor House"

"The old Poor house was located on Poor House Lane, near No. 30 Rittenhouse Street, between Main & Green Sts. on the upper side.

"The land belonging to it commenced at an alley 300 or 400 ft. in from the Main St., known as Tulls Court, & ran to Green St., its depths being about 250 ft. Rittenhouse St. was opened by Adam Hogermoed, & was one of the earliest cross streets in the town, the Poor House being said to have been his old home. Matsingers Grocery store, No. 32, was the residence of the steward. In 1832 a cholera building was built at the corner of Rittenhouse & Green Sts., it was constructed of wood & afterwards torn down.

"There was a Grave Yard on Green St., the bodies being removed afterward to the present Potter's Field, Queen near Pulaski Ave.

"This Poor House building, small as it was, served for the few paupers of the town until about 1870, when the present building, on the same street beyond Wayne was built. The ground belonging to the old property was divided into lots & sold, & the building disposed of to John Asborn & Dan'l Willahan, the present owners, who turned it into a tenement house."

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