137 West Harvey Street

Survey, Philadelphia Contributionship Policy 15856
Historical Society of Pennsylvania

Note: An obituary and four surveys (with photographs and footprints) are included.

Philadelphia Inquirer, 8-29-44 obituary:

"Maj. R. L. Perot, Architect, Dies"

"Major Robeson Lea Perot, architect and founder of the Varsity Club of the University of Pennsulvania, died yesterday...lived at 137 Harvey st....major during the first World War...He was also honorary president of the Germantown Historical Society and for 37 years was a member of the board of directors of the Germantown Academy. Major Perot was divorced from Eleanor Ball du Pont in 1919 and married Miss Kate Donaldson, who died in 1929...He is survived by his third wife, Mrs. Jean Fox Perot...

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