5901 Germantown Avenue
Survey, Franklin Fire Insurance Policy O 27511
Historical Society of Pennsylvania

Note: First floor plan included.

"Insurance made November 30th, 1858, and Survey Worked to the Franklin Fire Insurance Company of Philadelphia, December, 1858.

"For George W. Carpenter

"A two story stone building with a one story frame kitchen occupied as a dwelling and Drugstore and situate on North East corner of Main (Germantown) Avenue and Haines street in the 22nd ward at the Borough of Germantown.
"Dimensions of stone part 22 and 1/2 ft front by 33 ft deep, frame kitchen 18 1/2 ft by 14 ft. All of 1st story of stone part used as a drugstore. Floor hemlock joist white pine floorboards at first story.....at front a square head door frame solid white pine, stone sill, marble platform and two steps, folding doors.....3 large show windows, 2 front & one at side.....closed chimney, a flight of closed stairs of white pine....Second story 2 rooms, a small room front, and entry off the back room.....in front room an open fire place, wood mantel, closet in recess and door to back room, in back room a fire place mantel and closet same as front...The stone part has a double pitch cedar shingle roof.....The one story kitchen, lathed and plastered in and outside, white pine floor....a fireplace, Gas oven, a large dresser with 4 ledged doors, a flight of closed steps to cellar .....The kitchen has a single pitch cedar shingle roof....
"A Piazza at back part of stone part 7 1/2 ft. wide all closed with white pine boards.....white pine paneled doors and 8 light window...a single pitch cedar shingle roof...."

See original for more details regarding woodwork, windows, shutters, eaves and cornices, etc.

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