5905 Germantown Avenue
Survey, Franklin Fire Insurance Policy O 17643
Historical Society of Pennsylvania

Note: First floor plans included with the following 1853 survey of the original house and the 1880 survey of additions and alterations.

"Survey made February 5th, 1853, and reported to the Franklin Fire Insurance Company of Philadelphia.

"For John Howell Wheeler

"A two story stone dwelling house rough cast. Situate on the North East side of Green Street 134 ft South East of Harvey Street, in the borough of Germantown.....
"Floors hemlock joist 18 in from centre...yellow pine floor boards. Doors white pine.....2 light transom stone sill. A continued rail stair stairs to garret...turned walnut post and hand rail, turned maple banisters. In front parlour a Bay window with 8 lights of glass...front 12 by 18 in and 8 lights each side glass 7 1/2 by 18 in. with inside venetian blinds. At back parlour...
"Second story divided same as he first with 2 rooms over the front parlour...at back room a small entry off adjoining 2nd story of kitchen, in room one window and door to small entry which has a large closet and door to bath room...Garret finished and divided into an entry and two rooms, in entry a in 4 panel door to each room no moulding on doors, a pediment window.....
"The kitchen has an out door a square head cased frame, 2 light transom windows...a fireplace, gas oven, kitchen dresser, a closed straight stairs of white pine boards to 2nd story and a flight of steps under to cellar with a 1 in. 4 panel door at each, washboards beaded.....Story 8 ft. Second story one room a door at the head of the stairs and one oval window...In pantry an oval window thus and a window of same kind in bathroom over the pantry. House with a double pitch slate roof, the eaves and ends extending over about 2 ft. eaves, finished plain the ends finished with cornice, and wood drapery at the kitchen a double pitch slate roof plain eaves. A Piazza at the side of kitchen with yellow pine floor, a tin roof, open columns of 2 in plank wood cornices. A veranda at the front door yellow pine floor, a double pitch shingle roof...House new."

"Survey of alterations and additions made July 1st 1880 for James Darrack M.D., policy no. 59448, survey no 17643. Premises N.E. side of Green street 134 feet South East of Harvey st. Germantown. They consist of additions as marked on plan with red Nos. 1, 2, 3 & 4.
"The first is a 2 1/2 story brick building No. 1, has hemlock joist yellow pine floors double hung window frames, plain fronts with panel shutters on lower story and venetian on sec. Story inside walnut blinds in bathroom only is lathed and plastered inside and rough cast outside & gas and water introduced cellar windows with sash and wire screens.
"The first story is divided as per plan, has a pair of the walnut front doors, neat side light frame and square transom in 4 light, has a pair of folding doors from hall back, with square frame transom in 3 lights.....
"Second story of the main building is divided in 2 rooms. Hall at side and bathroom in back end of hall, has 7 windows in 8 lights...bathroom has a...copper tub, water closet and a Lisbon marble top wash stand all neatly cased with walnut and is wainskirted around bathroom with walnut 6 feet high, story is 9 ft 4 in.
"The third story or 1/2 story is all in on room has a pediment in front and back, one window in front and one back...2 windows in large gable...cornice is raking at eves and moulded and has scrowl drop work in gables and slate roof. Porch front of the above no. one part has square posts with moulded neck mouldings & bases, bracket cornice, large post bracket arch as between posts filled in corners with scrowl work....Tin roof, rafters & sheathing is planed, back porch has plain cornered posts with moulded caps and bases, moulded cornice, tin roof ceiled level with floor boards, has wood steps and lattice under floor.
"No. 2 is a one story brick office building, rough cast outside same as before, has a pair of...folding front doors with segment head frame and transom in 3 lights. 2 windows in 8 lights...a marble top wash stand cased with walnut...plaster, cornice, story is same as main building, moulded cornice and tin roof. Porch in front of office same as in front of No. one.
"No. 3 is a one story brick Kitchen lathed and plastered inside and rough casted outside same as No. 1& No. 2, has a 6 in. panel out door plain cased frame, 3 windows in 8 lights...Range, sink, closet with 2 panel doors circulating boiler...wainskirted around 4 feet high with beaded floor bds, 3 soap stone wash tubs, story is 9 feet 3 inches has moulded cornice and in roof, shed back of No. 3 has brick floor 4+4 posts and floor board roof.
"No. 4 is a frame one story pantry in angle back of old and new part is divided as plan has a 6 in. sash out door panel at bottom and glass above outside panel shutters...story is 9 ft 3 inch as a sky light in roof 3 x 5 feet square is weather boarded outside with beaded floor boards run up and down has a Trellice corner post, moulded dropwork cornice and tin roof.
"P.S. The New additions is marked with red ink on new plan."

See original for more details regarding materials, woodwork, windows, shutters, eaves and cornices, etc.

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