Dwelling behind mansion, 5900 block of Germantown Avenue
Survey, Franklin Fire Insurance Policy O 6990
Historical Society of Pennsylvania

Note: site plan included. For more information on this building, see building no. 3 in the 1847 survey done for five buildings on the Seckel property in this block

"Survey made Augt. 25th, 1846 and reported to the Franklin Fire Insurance Company of Philadelphia.

"For Frederick Seckel

"A two story stone dwelling house situate about 50 yds in the rear of his mansion house and about the same distance northward from Methodist Lane in Germantown, Philadelphia County.

"Dimensions: The building is 38 feet long and 18 feet wide, 1st story 8 ft in the clear, 2nd story 7 1/2 ft. 1st story is divided into two rooms, the 2nd story into 3 chambers and the garret into two rooms.....An entry along the North side of west chamber.....A ridge roof white pine shingles.....Five 12 light-8 by 10 windows front to 1st story and two 6 dito back with panel shutters & plaster jambs, the 2nd story has seven 12 light 8 by 10 windows front & one back with Venetian shutters; and 8 light gable windows to garrett--a fireplace in the west end 1st and 2nd stories with neat wood mantels. A side closet to each.....a boxed winding stairs each story....& a cellar stairway and cellar underneath.....Building new, well finished & painted: disconnected from all other buildings."

addendum (undated):
"a frame carpenter shop has been erected on the premises, detached from the above described house, which description is believed to be correct."
(signed) F. Seckel

See original for more details regarding woodwork, windows, eaves and cornices, etc.

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