6043 Germantown Avenue
Survey, Franklin Fire Insurance Policy 779 3884/3885
Philadelphia Historical Commission

Note: Policy includes site plans and three page survey of mansion house and backbuildings.

plan of site

"Survey made January 21st, 1842, and reported to the Franklin Fire Insurance Company of Philadelphia for Charles Alexander"

"A three Story Stone Mansion House, & two two-Story Stone back buildings, Situate on the Easterly Side of Main Street, about midway between Methodist & Washington Lanes, Germantown, in the County of Philadelphia.

plan of mansion

"No. 1: A three Story Stone Mansion 41 1/2 feet front by 35 1/2 feet deep with 4 parlors and a hall 6 1/2 ft wide the whole depth (see map). The 2nd Story is divided into 4 chamber & an Entry 4 1/2 ft wide the whole depth. The 3rd story is divided into 6 chambers and a small entry. 1st Story is 9 ft in the clear, 2nd, 8 1/2 feet and the 3rd 8 ft. All having plain ceilings & sidewalls papered. Oak Joist, & Carolina heart pine floors planed ploughed & grooved with 9 in wash boards; four 12 light windows front to the parlors...The Hall is divided midway by double venetian doors with Side lights & venetian circular transoms...large double doors between the Parlors, & a Single one from the Hall to each Parlor & one from each back parlor to the adjoining buildings...Windows & outdoors to the 1st story have panel jambs & heads, Yellow pine frames, & double panel Shutters; Egyptian marble mantels to one front & back parlor; the other front parlor has a wooden mantel to the fireplace with panel doors & shelves...
2nd story has 3 fireplaces with neat wood mantels, 5 windows front, 3 south end, two north & one East side...venetian shutters...Boxed winding Stairs from Entry to 3rd Story with large Closets under having panel doors...Doors to Chambers in the 3rd Story same as to 2nd (excepting they have latches)...Outside venetian & inside folding shutters, two fireplaces, mantels same as to 2nd story. Boxed winding garret stairs, garret divided into 3 rooms & an Entry at the head of Stairs, lathe and plastered ceilings and partitions, 6 ft high loft over, white pine floor, ledge doors; two 12 light dormer windows front with round heads...Ridge roof Cedar Shingles, Oak Rafters & lath, heavy cornice with mouldings, tin gutters & conductors, Cellars under, Oak Stud partitions throughout the building. Marble step at front Door. A Piazza at the South end, with a heart pine floor, lath & plastered ceiling. Cedar shingle shed roof Venetian laticed at the Side of End next to the Street two turned columns next the street supporting the frame...

"No. 2: A two /story recess Stairway in the rear of the mansion. Stone 11 1/2 ft wide & 14 ft deep. A panel door in north side both stories leading into No. 3. & a panel outdoor East to 1st Story finished same as the other doors,two 24 light windows East end 2nd Story...stained railing & turned balusters with a closet under.

"No. 3: A two Story Stone building in the rear of No. 1 34 ft by 18 1/2. 1st Story is divided into a Hall & dining room. 2nd Story into one large & two Small chambers...both Stories communicate with the Mansion...A fireplace both Stories East and a large dresser 1st closet to 2nd Story by the fireplaces, boxed winding Stairs at W end, side walls papered, ceilings lathe & plastered...a cellar Stairway under the Chamber Stairs; Cedar Shingle ridge roof Oak Rafters...mould cornice.

"No. 4: Is a two Story Stone Kitchin back of (No. 5 which is described in another survey being frame See Map) 30 ft by 17. 1st Story in one room having two ledge outdoors South & one North. A 24 light window South, a 12 light...North Side with Shutters; two large Dressers North side of Kitchin with double panel doors & Shelving above 4 closets under. A fireplace East end; 8 ft. ceiling lathe & plastered; cellar under the West end, a boxed winding s\Stairs West end...the 2nd Story is in one chamber lath & plastered to the Rafters...cedar Shingle ridge roof...Back of the Mansion & between the recess Stairway & No. 4 is a one Story Brick wash House & open piazza with shingle shed roofs & brick floors. The wash House has one panel door & a 12 light window, lath & plastered ceiling...cellar door from piazza leading to the cellar under the Mansion. The whole of the above building finished & painted in the best manner-a Lightening rod at North end of Mansion.

plan of barn complex

"No. 7: A Stone Barn with a frame open Shed & grain loft over in front, about 100 Yds in the rear of the Mansion House with a wagon house at east end of Barn & Hay loft over. The Barn including the Coach & Wagon house is 98 feet long and 30 wide being all under the Same roof, (See Map) The Carriage House in the west end, with Hemlock plank floor--Double ledge doors North & South side. Horse Stable next adjoining separated by a Stone wall; Six Stalls with plank mangers, Oak laticed partitions, & rack, ground floor, a ledge door North side & South; Entry next the Stable 8 ft wide with door both ends & rough board floor; Hayloft over the Coach House Stable and Entry...Mow over threshing floor 13 ft high...Next to the Threshing floor (E side) is a double horse stable with two ledge door...one half planked the rest ground floor; 5 stalls W & 3 East side, with racks & mangers, mows over with hewn oak Joist & rough floor boards. Stone partition between Stables & wagon House, East end of wagon house is Stone Stable with double ledge doors North side open South with a pail fence & gate, plank floor...loft...Cellar under wagon House with two trap doors in the floor, 10 ft story to wagon house frame Hay loft over...rough 1/2 inch weather boarding lapped, two laticed windows North side and East end & a ledge door in North side. The frame North side of Barn extends the whole length...Ridge roof... Cedar & E half white pine shingles...The Shed on the South side of Barn 9 ft wide the whole length, 10 sq brick pillars in front.

Green House over the East Half & hay & straw house the west half. 6 ft high in front white pine shingle shed roof...a feed chest 28 ft long 4 wide & high with lids to door between the E & W part & one from grain loft to Stairway from the wagon house. Pigeon boxes in front of West part. West end of Barn is an open shed with a shingle roof- Hemlock post & rafter & diamond laticed on west side-an Open Dung Shed on the South of Barn (west part) with white pine shingle roof & Hemlock frame 38 by 22 feet; South of Dung Shed are frame cow stable & Hog Pens described in another survey (they being frame)."

See original for more details regarding materials, woodwork, windows, roofs, eaves and cornices, etc.

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