6110 Germantown Avenue
Survey, Franklin Fire Insurance Policy O 20964
Historical Society of Pennsylvania

plan of 1st floor

Note: First floor plan included.

"Survey made July 22, 1854, and reported to the Franklin Fire Insurance Company of Philadelphia.

"For Susan Douglass

"A three story stone dwelling house, dining room and kitchen, two floors. Situate on the West side of Main Street (Germantown Avenue) about 100 ft above Walnut Lane, 22nd Ward (late borough of Germantown).
"Dimensions marked on the plot.....paneled shutters at windows of the 1st story, and pivot blinds at the windows of 2nd and 3rd stories.....Mahogony post, mahogany hand rails, turned maple balusters, stairs paneled at the side.....The ceiling of vestibule with plaster cornices, fancy moulding and center pieces. The ceiling of hall with fancy cornices and centre pieces.....Parlour....the chimney with white Gothic marble mantle .....Door and window jambs of hall and parlor faced with 7 in diminished pilasters.....ceitiling with plaster cornice moulding and center piece.....Dining room flue in wall with arch.....a pantry.....The kitchen has.....a fireplace with cooking ranges, a large kitchen closet with 3 doors, one drawer, water pipes.....
"Second story of the 3 story part divided into an entry and two rooms, entry off backroom, a door from entry to each room and also at 1st platform of stairs, a door to room over the dining room.....The front room has 3 windows front and one at the side, fire place and register, a closet in side hall. Back room 2 windows, a closet, fireplace and register same as front. The ceiling of front rooms finished with plaster cornice.....
"Second story over dining room and kitchen divided into an entry at head of stairs with bathroom off and 2 rooms at the head of stairs, a door to room over dining room and from entry a door to room over kitchen and bathroom.....Room over dining room 2 windows, a fireplace, a pantry same as the 1st story, an oval window in pantry with 4 lights. The bathroom an oval 4 light window. Bath tub, lead water pipes. Room over kitchen 2 windows, register in chimney, finished same as 2nd story front part. Story 8 ft.....
"Third story an entry and 3 rooms, 2 front and one back.....The 3 story part a double pitch cedar shingle roof.....At the back building a double pitch cedar shingle roof.....A piazza at side of dining room 6 ft wide and 30 ft long, yellow pine floor, a single pitch cedar shingle roof.....Heater in all to heat the front part of house, gas and water pipes. Mortise locks. Hard ware good quality. House new and well finished. The doors at front of hall 2 in one panel in each door."

"May 5, 1860. Survey of a one story frame summer kitchen adjoining the above described property. Dimensions: 7 ft 7 in by 15 ft 6 in. Framework hemlock, weatherboarding in white pine boards....."

"September 17, 1896: Alterations and additions have been made.....The parlor has been altered into a store, the front wall has been removed and a store front put in having a square head doorway transom in 1 light of sash and folding store doors having 2 lights.....and a marble floor; a private entrance doorway with a transom in 1 light of sash and folding panel doors, sheet metal cornice. The piazza and frame kitchen has been removed. A one story frame office 5 by 8 ft deep has been built at the rear of store, weatherboarded with fencing, a tin roof.....A one story brick addition 14 ft deep has been built on the rear....."

See original for more details regarding materials, woodwork, windows, shutters, eaves and cornices, etc.

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