6158 Germantown Avenue, Germantown Water Company Office
Survey, Franklin Fire Insurance Policy O 27515
Historical Society of Pennsylvania

plan of 1st story

Note: First floor plan included.

"Insurance made November 22nd, 1858 and survey reported to the Franklin Fire Insurance Company of Philadelphia, Nov. 30th, 1858.

"For John Fallon

"A one-story stone building known and occupied as the office of the Germantown Water Company and situate on the southwest corner of Germantown Main Avenue and Tulpehocken Street.....
"Dimensions 24 feet front by 20 1/2 feet deep. The building rough cast on the outside. Floors hemlock joist 12 in 18 from centers, white pine floor boards, at front of office two out doorways to the street, square head frames, stone sills, transoms.....rough stairs to the cellar. Eaves and cornices projecting about 2 ft.....Wood work painted and grained. Gas piped. The building heated from a portable heater in plumber shop. A doorway communicating with plumber shop from the cellar of office."

See original for more details regarding materials, woodwork, windows, eaves and cornices, etc.

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