18 High St.
Survey, Franklin Fire Insurance Policy O 20692
Historical Society of Pennsylvania

two surveys, both with site plans:

1854 plan

Note: site plan of stable and wash house included.

"Survey made June 13th, 1854, and reported to the Franklin Fire Insurance Company of Philadelphia.

"For Margaretta H. Morris

"A two story stone stable, and a one story stone wash house, on lot situate on the southeast corner of Main (Germantown Avenue) and High Streets in the borough of Germantown.....
"Stable dimensions 16 ft. by 20 ft. All door and window frames, solid white pine 4 in. square 1 in ledged white pine doors and shutters at all windows. Plan'd, jointed, tongued and grooved iron strap hinges, a rough pine floor, a rough board partition. Story 7 1/2 ft to joist at 2nd story. Floor oak joist 3 by 7 in, 2 ft from centres. White pine floor. 2nd story has 5 windows, shutters same as 1st story, a double pitch cedar shingle roof, eaves extending over about 1 fr. and finished plain.
" A one story stone building (call a wash house) appears to be used as a smoke house, cellar under at 1st story, a yellow pine floor, 2 out doors, solid yellow pine frames.....a fire place, washboard beaded, story 7 ft, 8 in. to loft which has a rough white pine floor, a single pitch cedar shingle roof, ends boarded from square to peak."

See original for more details.

1879 plan

Note: site plan and elevations included.

"Perpetual Survey made Oct. 27th, 1879, for Harriet H. Littell and reported to the Franklin Fire Insurance Co. of Philadelphia.

"A one and a half story stone stable and carriage house, with a one story stone addition. Situate on a lot at the east corner of Germantown Avenue and High Street in Germantown, 22nd ward.....
"Insured dimensions as per plan. Hemlock joinst and plank foor in stable, rough board floor over ground floor in carriage house, and rough floor in one story addition.
"The first story...is a stable and a carriage house.....has rough bd stall and trough, and rough board partition and a slat ladder against wall to hay loft over. Story is 7 ft 8 in.
"The second story or loft has double pitch roof. Eaves level with floor and raises about 9 feet in center.....
"The no. 2 addition is in one used as a carriage house, has double pitched roof, pitches northwest and southeast....."

See original for more details.

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