42 West Harvey St.
Survey, Franklin Fire Insurance Policy O 27887
Historical Society of Pennsylvania

plan of 1st floor

Note: First floor plan included.

"Insurance made March 12, 1859, for Frederick C. Brightly and reported to the Franklin Fire Insurance Company of Philadelphia. March 19th, 1859.

"A two story stone dwelling house with two story stone dining room, a two story frame kitchen and one story frame wash-house are rough cast on the outside. On lot situate on the south east side of Harvey Street, and commencing about 456 feet south west of Germantown Avenue, 22nd ward.....
"White pine plank window frames, yellow pine head and sills, sash all double hung 12 lights windows.....Floors hemlock joist..... part yellow pine floorboards.....white pine floorboards.....At front of hall a square head door frame of white pine plank with side lights and transom.....Folding plank doors, 1 panel each with cicular top in entry an open newell stair to 2nd story, 2 ft. 10 in. wide yellow pine steps, white pine risers, turned cherry posts and hand rail, turned white pine hand rail.....Flues in walls and in each parlor, Italian marble mantel pilaster mantel with fireboard.....The dining room has 2 casement windows with inside folding sash.....
"2nd story divided same with a small room of the front of entry, a door from entry to each room. In entry a closed stairs of white pine boards to garrett.....A door between the front and back room, in each room a small open fireplace with wood mantel shelf, a closet in back room.....Room over the dining room.....
"The two story frame kitchen.....Franklin cooking range, iron sink with pipes, closet under sink, a flight of closed stairs of white pine....Second story a small entry at the head of stairs, one room and a bathroom with a door frame each.....A piazza at the front of kitchen and dining room.....A piazza at the front of house.....Gas in house.....
Above written by surveyor M. Greene. The below was added by Frederick C. Brightly:
"a closet in the 2nd story room over the entry and two closets in the third story."

See original for more details regarding materials, woodwork, windows, shutters, eaves and cornices, etc.

November 27th, 1867:
"Alterations and additions have been made.....viz a portable heater has been put in the cellar for warming the house, a stove heater has been put in the dining room for warming the back building, a 12 light 8x12 window has been put in the kitchen, a gas oven has been put up in the wash house, a store room or pantry has been partitioned off in second story of kitchen with planed and grooved boarding and panel door to it. The second stoyr front has had the partition to small room taken away making it in one larger room in from, a 12 light 9x13 window has been put in the entry well stairway, a large closet or store room has been partitioned off the front farrett, and a closet over the stairs.

Additional survey made June 23, 1891:
"Alterations and additions have been made to the within described building viz a closet removed from back end of chamber over dining room and same room used as a library. A row of shelves have been erected on the northeast side.....A new floor of joist under parlor and hall and dining room. Gas oven removed from outside kitchen and a single oven 'Excelsior' range put in its place, with a galvanized iron sink alongside not cased in, hot and cold water pipes connected with each. Trimmers underneath are safe. Change of range in middle kitchen about two years ago, a new one put in with double oven & hot & cold water.
"The partition between the parlors has been removed, making the parlor in one room, and the folding doors have been put in the ??? partition, the small doors having been taken away."

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