130 East Walnut Lane
Survey, Franklin Fire Insurance Policy O 28252
Historical Society of Pennsylvania

plan of 1st floor

Note: First floor plan included.

"Insurance made July 23, 1859 and survey reported to the Franklin Fire Insurance Company of Philadelphia May 8, 1860.

"For Charles Noble

"A three story stone dwelling house with three story stone back buildings. Situate on the south side of East Walnut Street on lot commencing about 630 feet west of Morton Street, 22nd ward, city of Philadelphia, late borough of Germantown.

"Dimensions marked on the plot. Outside of walls pointed and the inside lined. Window heads thus (curved arch shape), cut stone sills at all windows of the first story 1 1/2 in. outside, white pine folding panel'd shutters, and at the windows of 2nd story outside fording pivot blinds, hooks and iron strap hinges, white pine plank window frames.....floorboards of 1st & 2nd stories Carolina pine, at 3rd story spruce floorboards.....

"at front of hall a segment top plank door frame with side lights and transom.....in hall a continued rail open stairs to 3rd story.....mahogony hand rail.....between the library and dining room panel'd doors 2 1/2 in. sliding in the partition, one side of library finished with bookcases, closets and drawers.....ceiling of hall and each room finished with plaster cornices and centre pieces. Gas pipes through the building in hall, parlor, library and dining room, Goulds patent, radiator heater. Story 11 1/2 feet.

"First story of back building 2 rooms, 3 out doorways, square head solid frames, 3 light transom, sash, stone sills.....a private closed stairs to 2nd story of white pine boards, steps under to cellar with door from kitchen. 2 iron sinks, closets over and under with panel'd doors, a niche in chimney, 2 small marble mantels, iron brackets, washboards with tubbs.....story 8 ft 4 in. The kitchen has an open fire place, wood mantel shelf, a corner closet, with folding panel'd doors. Story 9 ft 2 in. at first platforms of main stairs a doorway to 2nd story of back building, at one side of platform a closet and at the other Evans & Watsons fireproof wall'd in.

"Front of house, 2nd story, an entry and 4 rooms. The 2 front rooms extending across the front of hall.....a radiator in each room.....second story of back building an entry at the head of private stairs and 2 rooms, one the bathroom, in the entry a closed winding stairs of white pine boards to 3rd story, a door to each room and to water closet.....Bathroom 2 windows, a plank bathtub lined with copper, tin'd brass spigots. At 2nd platform of stairs a passageway to 3rd story of back building. Third story of front building that part over the parlor finished in one room, other divided same as the 2nd story.....(sketch of window shape).....Third story of back building an entry and two rooms.....

"a flat on peak of roof about 9 ft square convered with tin, surrounded by white pine hand rail baluster and posts.....at front part of house a patent gravel roof 4 pitch and about 4 feet rise over projecting about 4 feet, sunk tin gutters, wood cornice and lined undereaves with large open brackets. The roof of back building same as the front.

"House new, well built and materials all of good quality, cellar windows solid frames inside sash with screens and iron bars, an out doorway at cellar, stone cheeks and sill folding doors. Heater in cellar. A piazza at the front of house, 10 ft. wide spruce ploor painted, a cove open roof covered with tin, spruce boards and rafters under part all plan'd and varnished, eaves finished with sunk gutters, wood cornice 6 in. solid octagon posts, stone bases. Saw'd open wood work under eaves between the posts. Two piazzas at back part of house, finished the same as the front."

See original for more details regarding materials, woodwork, windows, eaves and cornices, etc.

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