South side of East Walnut Lane, near Germantown Avenue
Survey, Franklin Fire Insurance Policy O 43019
Historical Society of Pennsylvania

Note: no site plan included.

Survey made October 27, 1868 for Conyers Button, reported to Enterprise Insurance Co., December 2nd, 1868

"A two story brick stable and coach house, situate about 150 feet southerly from Walnut Lane and 350 feet easterly from Germantown Avenue, 22nd ward.

"Being 33 feet front by 35 feet deep, with hipped tin roof, with wood ornament on top, tin gutters and spouts, wood cornice with brackets to eaves of stable and cupola, 2 windows on each side of cupola with blinds.

"Second story: One room for hay loft, ceiling not plastered, yellow pine floor, under side and joist-planed, hatch door in floor, and board ventilator 5 feet 6 inches square up to cupola, 2 ledge doors, feed box of boards planed and grooved 8 feet long, 6 feet 8 inches wide and 9 feet high with ledge lid and shoot down to stable, one pair of large folding ledge doors, 5 windows 8 lights glass 13x14 inches not hung and 3 windows with Venetian blinds.

"First story: Divided into three rooms and stable by board partitions planed and grooved, walls lined 5 feet 6 inches high, yellow pine floor in rooms and rough plank floor in stable with 6 iron grates for draining, oak plank feed box 3 feet 5 inches long, 2 feet wide and one foot 7 inches high. 6 stalls divided by iron columns 5 1/2 inches in diameter, oak plank bars with iron rail on top--iron mangers and feed boxes, one pair of large folding batten doors in coach room with wood bar and segment head, front and back doors with square transoms, 3 sliding doors in partition, with iron rails, 2 closets, 4 windows with outside panel shutters 8 lights glass 14x16 inches double hung. 6 windows in stalls each 2 lights glass 14x16 inches hung with hinges-

"Stairs: One flight of close stairs between rooms wtih white pine steps from the first to second story-
"Portico extending across front by 16 feet out with hipped tin roof, wood cornice to eaves, ceiling lined, tin spout, brick floor, 3-8 1/2x8 1/2 inch wood posts (on stone bases) with brackets under roof."

See original for more details regarding materials, woodwork, windows, shutters, eaves and cornices, etc.

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