[131] West Walnut Lane, 318 ft. east of Greene
Survey, Franklin Fire Insurance Policy O 20110
Historical Society of Pennsylvania

plan of 1st floor

Note: First floor plan included.

"Survey made February 11th, 1854 and reported to the Franklin Fire Insurance Company...

"For P. F. Hager

"A two story and attic stone building house with two story back buildings, situate on the northwest side of Walnut Lane, 318 ft. east of Greene street...

"Dimensions the front part 38 ft. front by 25 ft. deep, back buildings 26 ft. by 16 1/2 ft., all rough cast on the outside. Floors hemlock joist 10 in. 15 in. from centres...Doors white pine at the first story 2 in 6 panel'd double worked window frames white pine fronts, yellow pine sides and sills, sash white pine 2 in all double hung, at all windows of the first story 2 in outside panel'd shutters, and at 2nd story windows 1 1/2 in pivot blinds, iron strap hinges, at all outdoors and casement windows brown stone sills. At the front of hall a square head door frame with side lights and transom, Gothic doors, door jambs and head cased and panel'd. A continued rail stairs to attic story, yellow pine steps white pine risers, mahogany O.G. hand rail, a large mahogany post, 2 1/4 in turned ashe balusters, stairs panel'd at the side...

"Parlour No. 1 a fire place, with Egyptian marble mantle black and gold, Gothic, register in fireplace. 2 casement windows, 10 light...all French glass in the house. Parlour No. 2 a casement window front, and an 8 light window at the side recessed to the floor and panel'd under sill...flue in wall, marble mantel shelf, iron brackets, a register in the partition. Story 10 ft. 6 in., the ceiling of hall and parlours finished with plaster cornice and centre pieces. Dining room a window a the side 8 lights...a casement window to piazza with two sash doors, 3 lights in each glass 12 by 15 in a closet under private stairs, a register in the partition between the dining room and kitchen, a private stairs to 2nd story...a flight of steps under stairs to cellar from kitchen. w windows same as side window in dining room in kitchen also a fireplace with wood shelf mantel, a large kitchen dresser with 8 doors and 3 drawers, story of dining room and kitchen 9 ft. 3 in.

"At the first platform of stairs an 8 light 14x14 in glass window and door to room over dining room. Second story divided same as the 1st story with small room off front of entry, a door from entry to each room...Room over parlour No. 1 a fireplace Egyptian marble mantel, a register, a window back same as front, a closet at the side partition doors 1 1/4 in of closets. Room over parlour No. 2, a window at the side same as at the front, a register in the floor, shelf marble mantel, a door to room over dining room, a closet at side partition. 2 steps down to room over dining room, washboards 7 in 2 in moulding door and window jambs faced with 3 1/2 in moulding. Story 9 ft. 6 in. Room over dining room 2 windows 8 light...a door at the head of private stairs, 2 closets, marble shelf mantel. Part over kitchen a small entry, 2 rooms and pantry with a door from entry to each, 2 windows...a small oval window at the head of stairs. Story 8 ft 6 in.

"The attic story divided into 3 rooms, and entry with small room at the front, a door from entry to each room, and at platform of stairs a door to small back room...3 windows front 3 back and two at each side, a step ladder to loft. Washboards beaded door and window jambs faced with 3 in. moulding 7 ft story in centre, 5 ft 10 in at side, stud partitions, each story plastered and ceiled.

"House well built and materials of the best quality. The front part of house a 4 pitch tin roof, tin laid one 1 in white pine boards the eaves extending over the walls about 3 ft, brackets under the eaves made of 6 in. white pine plank extending down the wall 2 ft. 7 in. and projecting 22 in. (28 brackets). The eaves finished with sunk gutters, wood cornice. The back building including dining room and kitchen has a double pitch tin roof, eaves extending over 18 in., sunk gutters, wood cornice, 4 conductors.

"Adjoining and communicating with the kitchen is a one story frame wash house weatherboarding 1 in. white pine boards tongued grooved, plan'd and painted yellow pine floor. 2 out 1 in ledged doors 1-12 light 9x11 windows outside shutters, washboards beaded. Story 8 ft, a single pitch cypress shingle roof, story 8 1/2 plastered and ceiled.

"A piazza at the front of house 9 ft wide white pine floor, a 3 pitch cove tin roof, ceiled with 1 in white pine boards plan'd tongued and grooved, iron rafter, iron pilaster columns, iron frie[ze?] brackets and drops, sunk gutters, wood cornice, 2 tin conductors.

"A piazza at the back part of house 9 ft. wide yellow pine floor, a tin roof, 2 pitch, iron pilaster columns, sunk gutter, wood cornice, ceiling plastered. House new."

See original for more details regarding materials, woodwork, windows, eaves and cornices, etc.

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