155 W. Walnut Lane
Survey, Franklin Fire Insurance Policy O 22830
Historical Society of Pennsylvania

plan of 1st story

Note: First floor plan included.

"Survey made July 3d, 1855, and reported to the Franklin Fire Insurance Company of Philadelphia.

"For Phineas F. Hager

"A two story stone dwelling house with two story stone kitchen. Rough cast. Situate on the north west corner of Walnut Lane and Green Street, 22nd ward late Borough of Germantown.

"Dimensions: 34 ft by 34 ft, the kitchen 14 ft by 17 ft. Floors hemlock joist.....Carolina pine floorboards.....panel'd shutters at the windows of the first story, and outside pivot blinds at the windows of 2nd story, iron strap hinges, doors white pine at first and second story.....at fall a square head plank door frame with sidelights and transom, colored glass, marble sill.....a continued rail stairs to attic story, 18 in. opening, yellow pine steps, mahogony hand rails 3 1/2 in wide, a large mahogony octagon newell post, 2 1/4 in turned ash balusters, stairs panel'd at the side, closet and a stairs from hall and also a closet under stairs from dining room.....The parlor has 2 windows, front 10 lights glass 14 by 20 in with sash opening down to floor, one 8 light window at the side.....a Gothic marble mantel with fireboard registers at the side. The doorway to sitting room .....marble mantel shelf, iron brackets, ceiling with plaster cornice and centre piece, door and window jambs faced with 5 in. moulding with plinths.....The dining room has 2 8 light windows.....a closed chimney with registers, a closet in recess with small opening to kitchen.....The kitchen has an out door at side.....2-8 light windows.....a closed stairway of white pine boards to 2nd story with a flight of steps under to cellar.....a large dresser with 4 doors panel'd and 2 drawers. Chimney with Rands & Hays cooking range....

"Second story divided same as the first story with a room off front part of hall and a small entry off room over the dining room. Entry communicating with 2nd story of kitchen, a door from the entry to each room with a 2 light transom over each door.....Hall has one window front and one at side. Flu in a large closet off entry and a door to room over the parlor which has 2 windows front and one at the side, a closet off entry, a closet in the partition, a register at chimney. Room over the sitting room has a window at the side and one back, closet in the partition and a closet at back front, a marble mantel shelf. The room over the dining room has 2-8 light windows.....story 9 1/2 ft.

"Attic story divided same as 2nd story, a large closet in the entry, and a door from entry to each room.....Story 7 1/2 ft in center, 5 ft 3in at the eaves.

"Second story of kitchen, 3 steps up to 2nd story of front house, and divided into an entry at head of kitchen stairs, a store room and bath room.....the bathroom has one window same as entry, plank bathtub, pipes for hot and cold water, shower, washstand with iron basin, a water closet, and a closet in the partition and registers. This part finished same as 3rd story. Story 8 1/2 ft.

"Stud partitions, mortise locks, gas pipes through the house, hardware of best quality, wood work well painted. The main house has a 4 pitch tin roof with eaves extending over the walls about 2 1/2 ft, sunk gutters, wood cornice, large shaped brackets under the eaves, 8 front and 8 back and 6 at each side. 4 tin conductors. A flat on peak of roof about 6 1/2 ft square, 4 cornerpoints 5 in square, white pine hand rail, sawed balisters. The kitchen has a 3 pitch tin roof.....A one story frame washhouse adjoining and communicating with the kitchen, weatherboarded.....A piazza at the front of house, white pine floor, open plank pilaster columns 14 in wide, a tin roof hip'd at the ends.....A piazza at back of house same as at front, roof hip'd at one end. A mortar floor in cellar, walls plastered, iron bars at windows. Heater intended to be put in cellar. House new and well furnished."

See original for more details regarding materials, woodwork, windows, shutters, eaves and cornices, etc.

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