1982 National Register of Historic Places Inventory--Nomination Form
Green Tree Tavern
6023 Germantown Avenue

Form prepared by Fran Deutsch, Student Intern at the Philadelphia Historical Commission. Dated Jan. 13, 1971.

Classification: Unoccupied private building, access restricted.

Owner of property:
First Methodist Church of Germantown
6019 Germantown Avenue
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19142

This form includes text under the following headings:

Item number 7. Description of the present and original (if known) physical appearance:

"The street front and the south gable of this two and a half story house are laid with finely dressed stone. The other walls are of rubble masonry. The broad gable and long pent eave are characteristic of an interesting period in the evolution of Germantown building. The cornices and the three dormers are well-preserved. The moulded members forming the cornices of the eaves and the detail of the pediment over the entrance are modern and an inaccurate restoration. The original platform and steps in front of the door were not rebuilt when the house was moved. Neither were the seats flanking the door nor the outside cellarway with its sloping doors. The existing cellar was built at the time the house was built and may not be a replica of the old one. The main door of six raised panels is original. It is on the center of the hall which extends to an arched opening leading to a stair hall. On each side of the hall there are two rooms. The interior of the building was renovated when it was moved and while it is maintained in excellent condition, there is not much left of the early house."

Item number 8. Significance:

"The Green Tree Tavern shares with a few other buildings in Germantown the distinction of having the characteristics of the Germantown house at its best. It was built by Daniel Pastorius and run by him as a public house. The datestone is inscribed DPS 1748, the initials standing for Daniel and Sarah Pastorius. The Green Tree was kept as a tavern for many years and was known variously as the Saddler's Arms, the Hornet's Nest, and Mackinett's Tavern. Here, the Public School of Germantown - The Germantown Academy - was organized at a meeting of citizens held on the sixth of December, 1759. In 1930 the building was moved bodily northward to its present location to accommodate an addition to the church."

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