62 West Rittenhouse Street
Mt. Tabor Church
Pennsylvania Historic Resource Survey Form, Office of Historic Preservation, PA Historical & Museum Commission, Harrisburg, PA
Available at the Philadelphia Historical Commission

Included are photograph, site plan and text including the following information:

Mt. Tabor Baptist Church
62 W. Rittenhouse Street
Philadelphia PA 19144

Gothic Revival stone church, altered trim, in above average condition. Survey by Clio Group, Inc. prepared by G. Thomas, 5/17/83.

Brief description:
"The Mt. Tabor church was built in 1849 and is among the earliest imitations of St. James the Less. Here, the simple gable wall is fronted by a low pointed, arched, stone entrance, flanked by pairs of pointed windows. The side flanks are equally severe, with pairs of gothic windows the only articulation. Thus the facade lacks the plasticity of the buttresses of the original model, but its small bell-cote, cut stone and gothic detail indicate the origin of the form. The original trim has been replaced with modern metal, but the basic outlines of the building remain."

History, significance, and background:
"The Mt. Tabor church is part of an important group of buildings based on St. James the Less, the first true Gothic Revival building in the country. Its position on a small side street suggests the social position of its congregation."

Source of information:
Philadelphia Deed: 49 N 19, 70

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