116 West Walnut Lane
Pennsylvania Historic Resource Survey Form (dated 1983)
Office of Historic Preservation, PA Historical & Museum Commission, Harrisburg, PA
Available at the Philadelphia Historical Commission

Included are the above photograph, site plan and text including the following information:

Property owners name and address:
Robert Emmot
116 W. Walnut Lane
Philadelphia PA 19144

Brief description:
"The hipped roof cubic house [of pompeiian brick, wood, and metal trim] with a subtly projecting front pavillion capped by a tall wall gable became a common suburban type at the end of the century, continuing the compact and economical form of older houses at a time generally assumed to be heading toward the more open plane of Wright and Eyre. This is particularly interesting because of the three light windows, one above the other on the main block, and the vertical assemblage of oval windows flanking the main door, capped by rectangular windows on the second story, in turn flanking an oval window, in turn crowned by a tall wall gable framing a three-part Palladian window. Eyebrow dormers in the hipped roof recall the Richardsonian interlude."

History, significance, and background:
"Another of the small houses that infill along Walnut Lane at the end of the century. This is very nearly amusing in its attempt to pile detail on the street front of the house, which continued the tall proportion of the Victorian Gothic, draped in modern Colonial Revival."

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