155 West Walnut Lane
Pennsylvania Historic Resource Survey Form (dated 1983)
Office of Historic Preservation, PA Historical & Museum Commission, Harrisburg, PA
Available at the Philadelphia Historical Commission

Included with the above photograph are a site plan and text providing the following information:

Bracketed Villa, c. 1850. Stucco over rubble, wood trim.

Property owners name and address:
Edward McKinney
155 W. Walnut Lane
Philadelphia PA 19144

Brief description:
"The best preserved of the Italian Villas of the Tulpehocken- Walnut Lane zone makes it apparent why Downing reserved the type for people of 'modest' imagination. Here is the typical three- story cubic volume with the deep overhanging eaves carried on story-high brackets and set off by molding from the lower two stories. Cast window hoods, story-high first floor windows opening on to the front porch complete the general effect. With its shade trees and front lawn, it represents the suburban ideal of the era. It has survived remarkably well with only a coat of paint altering its original stucco surface."

History, significance, and background:
"The conventional Italian Villa was the most popular building of its age, combining economy with modern style. Few houses of the type remain without significant modification however, making this relatively uncommon."

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