43 West Walnut Lane
Pennsylvania Historic Resource Survey Form (dated 1983)
Office of Historic Preservation, PA Historical & Museum Commission, Harrisburg, PA
Available at the Philadelphia Historical Commission

Included with the above photograph are a site plan and text including the following information:

Double house, built by Thomas Mullineaux, 1878. Crazy quilt ashlar, wood trim. Early Victorian style.

Property owners name and address:
Caroline Rhodes
43 W. Walnut Lane
Philadelphia PA 19144

Brief description:
"The row of doubles near Germantown Avenue suggests they developed because of proximity to that street. This particular scheme of first floor three sided bays, joined by an entrance porch is common across Philadelphia after the Civil War, and suggests that date. Here a central bracketed column supports the porch and emphasizes the duality of the building. Segmental windows and concave slate mansard with segmental dormers complete a conventional facade."

History, significance, and background:
"These handsome Victorian doubles are an important type that marks suburban, middle-class neighborhoods in the 1870s. The crazy quilt ashlar is a Germantown favorite, and suggests the presence of a major operative builder working in the region."

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