37 West Rittenhouse Street
Mt. Zion Baptist Church

Photograph and site plan for Mt. Zion Baptist Church
Pennsylvania Historic Resource Survey Form, May 11, 1983 available at the PHC.

Gothic Revival stone church designed by David Gendell and constructed in 1893. Single gabled roof sheltering a center and two side aisles. Pointed gothic windows along the side of the nave. Facade includes a centered door flanked by paired gothic windows, as well as small rose window and other gothic windows above. The apex of the front gable includes a checkerboard pattern of stone recalling the Richardson interlude.

Mt. Zion Baptist Church was organized by African-Americans in 1890. The construction of this building was accomplished by local African-Americans. John Trower, a prominent caterer and one of the wealthiest blacks in Pennsylvania, provided financial assistance. The stone was supplied by William Byrd, a Sunday School superintendent and Chair of the Board of Trustees. The first pastor, the Reverend M. Winston was himself a stonemason and helped construct the building.

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