Brainstorming sessions:

-- iconographic resources and ideas

From sessions held in Feb 97 and before. Material has added from more recent discussions and from two pamphlets: Delaware Valley Archives Group, Directory of Archival and Manuscript Repositories in Southeastern Pennsylvania, typescript, 15pp., Philadelphia, May 1992; and Bryn Mawr Urban Research Project, A Local Guide to Researching Philadelphia, typescript, 59pp., Bryn Mawr, August 1994.

These resources and ideas will be more fully described, evaluated in terms of scope, interest to historians, more general interest, present availability, volatility, hours required, equipment required, current exposure, willingness of holder to have it appear.

* = what initially seem promising, feasible, desirable, timely possibilities.

Link to: [Efforts in progress] [Introduction] [Home]
Resources: [Distributed] [Public] [Published] [Private] [Within one institution] [Other Issues and Concerns] [Repositories Contacted and to Contact]
Notes from preliminary interviews: [Athenaeum of Philadelphia] [Atwater Kent Museum] [Bryn Mawr College] [Free Library of Philadelphia] [Historical Society of Pennsylvania] [Library Company of Philadelphia] [Philadelphia City Archives] [Chester County Historical Society] [Historical Society of Montgomery County]
Distributed resources:

Commercial Panoramas
-- abut 20 Rea, 1851, 35 Baxter, 1859-80, lithos distrib among area repositories. 10 more & dupes mss. in Dreer master, HSP. (willingness expressed by holders)

Area atlases:
* -- full set of earliest Hexamer & Locher, 1850s Phila - see FLP
-- city wards c. 1900, last.
* -- first, last best of MoCo, 1880s, 1930s
* -- first best of Del Co, 1880s, 1930s
-- first best of ML, 1880s
-- first best of North Penna, 1880s
-- first best of PWB, 1880s
-- first, last best of ChCo
-- first, last best of BuCo

* HSRs

Student Papers
-- dissertations (from Goode list)
* -- Moss HP papers, 10 yrs worth at PAth
-- area M.A.s?
-- others?

Litho Views, illustrated, made accesible, expanded (LCP) upon Wainwright

Other prints
-- photozincographs? of Gtn by Richards

-- topographic, like Kennedy Views, HSP
-- architectural, PAth, HSP, LCP, FLP, AA UP, etc.

Photos: a big topic, 2-3 tiered approach
-- post genl finding tools, descriptions procedures for collections
-- post coll specific finding aids
-- searchable inventory, illustrated preview of small, topically coherent collections (ex: Brenner churches LCP; F D Richards and other early at HSP, LCP; Market St, HSP; Phila Sub houses, FLP, HSP)

Aerial photos
-- at FLP (prints, c. 21 vols), LCP (4000 negs)

-- PMA catalogue?
* -- PHIDO for HSP, AKM
-- other public repos?
-- private repos? Schwartz, Chestnut St?

List, description of area scrapbooks about place
-- Westcott, 6 vols., 1870s-80s, HSP
-- Castner, c. 20 vols, FLP
-- Poulson, c.11 vols., 1850s, LCP
-- Ashmead, c. 50 vols, 1880s-1920s? HSP
-- Campbell Coll., c. 100 vols., c. 1910, HSP
-- Perkins Coll., c. 100 vols., c. 1910, HSP
-- Watson scrapbooks, 1820s, owned by LCP, at HSP?
-- others

Public Resources:

Historic Registers:
-- city, surrounding counties, HDs and indiv noms
-- PA reg
-- NR
-- NHL

Archeological sites
-- restricted?

Pertinent bits of 106 reviews?

* Philadelphia Historic Commission database, PHC
-- lists contents of files by address, includes dates, architects, date of photos, ins survey #s. DB3 database, c. 1985, 25 fields, plus often used memo field, 11,000 records? In danger in not recovered soon. (willingness expressed by holders)

PA Historical Markers, from PMHC

Phila Building Permits, 1887-1906
-- 1906 are indexed

Official documentation of systems
-- Images at Water Dept., Recreation Dept
-- images at SEPTA?
-- Streets? PECo, PGW?

USGS topographical maps, start in the 1890s. 1st topo of Phila 1899, not great, but better later.
PA State Geological Ssurveys, maps with waterways, 1st 1850, at HSP, UP; 2nd 1877-80.

Existing GIS systems data
-- Phila CP Commission, DV RP Comm, Dept of Streets, CC District, Fairmount Park Commission. Do they have, will they share, can we use?

Published resources to be tapped:

Bibliographical Tools to post, link

City directories made searchable

King's Views, 1902
Hotchkin books (4), 1889-97
Phila and Popular Philadelphians, 1891
Bk of the Bourse, 1899
Office Directory, 1899
Jas White, Presby Churches

Childs Views, 1827-30
Birch Views, 1790s-1800s
JC Wild, 1830s-40s

Tourism, industrial prowess, and city promotion illustrated books, 1820s-1900

Jeff Moak's list of area atlases
-- 1976 J. Moak guide, also articles in 1983 Cty Archives newsletter. Needs updating, expand to other insts, not digital, but can be used as foundation. 1987 companion for NJ, Del, in electronic form.

Phila. Ward genealogy
Privately held resources:

Industrial surveys by SIA, "Workshop of the World"

Clio index?owned by former Clio Group Inc.
-- Mainframe db c. 1980, with listings from Builder's Guide, many other sources. George Thomas, Marianna Thomas, Jeff Roberts, Carl Doebley, Tim Noble, former principals of firm, now dissolved. Data still recoverable as db, imported to other format? Possibly in danger if not recovered soon.

* Photos: put PACSCL guide in web form?

Phila Print Shop, Chestnut Hill, participate?

Research of individuals in digital form:
-- Jim Duffin on Gowen estate

Research in dig form held by institutions:
-- ESP HSR chrono (ESP TF)
-- Sedgeley chrono, ills (FPC)

Fire insurance records of other cos beside Franklin and Pa
-- Sharon Salinger, UC, has 18th C policies in a db
-- Contributionship
-- others? Reliance? ICNA?

* Groff, Garrison, Deming, Saarnio, Cohen LMPT database of Lower Merion buildings

J. Moak's 'Charter Streets of Phila ' project. involves misc 17th c. warrants and surveys at HSP, Quarter sessions records with road references.
J. Moak's privately commissioned house histories from 1980s, 1990s.

J. Deming's privately commissioned house histories from 1980s, 1990s, db.

Recent atlases of Franklin Map Co, took over from Smith, Mueller? ADC?

Within one institution:

Historical Society of Pennsylvania (
1300 Locust St., Phila., 732-6201
(Conversations with Laura Beardsley, Linda Stanley, June-Aug 97)
Items from Art & Artifact Collection: total of 12,000 records in PHIDO db; graphics catalog integrates many collection finding aids, not all; illustrative collections not generally described in new mss. guide

Original Artworks: prev cataloging efforts have produced cards with contact prints
Oil paintings of Phila sites: included in published catalogue, 1974, all oils, except for 2 wc.
David J. Kennedy views: about 700 wc views, all inventoried.
Graphics Coll.: smallest Ba, larger Bb, largest Bc, bound Bd
Breton views: at least 100 at HSP (Bb), others at LCP
B. R. Evans views: about 250 views (Bb), some wc, some line drawings, some at LCP, AKM also. Some to be included in Jefferson Medical project, even if not about TJU or medicine?
Richards dwgs, wash dwgs, bw about 1860s-70s, mainly Gtn.
Moss & Hazlett real estate collection: 7 vols. w/ about 100 plates by dveloper, ca. 1890-1920, with plans, elevs? or rental, sale? properties. Inventoried by Louise Jones.

Prints Collections:
better prints, stored by size along with watercolors, architectural drawings, Ba, Bb, Bc, Bd (published or bound)
Archtl dwgs coll: largest is Trumbauer collection, hundreds, large, usually on linen, mostly residential, PAth has most non-residential, FLP has other materials. Inventoried in Marcy Silver's project.
Birch views: pretty complete run of bw negs, occasional transparencies if someone ever ordered (negs and trans file in registrar's office).
Society Prints: smaller, clippings, trade cards

Photo Collections:

-- HSP photo collections: thousands of photos, organized in
(a) Society Photos Coll. -- all indexed by site, topic, stored by size, small, medium, large (rather few). by subject, some by streets.-- and
(b) Boies Penrose Coll., lots by streets.
all in graphics card catalogue, along with Campbell & Perkins scraps, Wallace, PRT, Kennedy

-- Phila Record photo morgue: perhaps 250,000 photos, 1930-46; topical indexes: one series = personals, indexed by name, but smaller one, perhaps 50,000, nonpersonal, indexed, on disk, by subject.

-- Gilliams & Stratton photos: 300 or so late 19th c street scenes, 1880s-1900s, photojournalism. no finding aid, but all photocopied. scattered among Society and Penrose photo collections. Not in graphics crad cat. usually people in scenes. Some background by K Finkel in cat entry in "Legacy of Light"
-- Lantern slide collections: some 21 or more of them, varying topics, some certainly pertinent. rarely consulted, owing to medium, but Bruce Laverty has succesfully scannedsuch images, might be good way to bring to wider audiences. inventories in digital from already made by Marcy Silver, in many cases.
-- PRT photos, about 100 images of Market Street when being dug up for subway, 1900-10.
-- Photo albums, such as one of East Falls ca. 1900
-- Shoemaker Collection: of Gtn, photos and some wash dwgs, turn of the century; w/ a card index?
-- Centennial photos

* Various scrapbook collections described, including Souder's extra-illustrated Chestnut St. volumes, ca. 1859-, Campbell Coll, Perkins Coll, many others.

Fire Insurance Records, HSP
*-- Franklin, PA fire ins surveys at HSP, 30,000/60,000 in foxbase, filemaker pro db; (willingness expressed by holder, JC). scan images, extend coverage, create better interfaces?
-- Mutual: (aka Green Tree), pol nos. from beginning to numbers in the 19,000s, card indexes alphabetically by street, town, pol. nos (to only 12,544), losses, some chrono notes, street name changes. acq 1996. 450 cartons and books & microform. more policies will be added once cancelled for 7 years
-- Frankford FI Co: 12 or so boxes, from the 19th c.
-- Phila Contributionship(portion at HSP): two odd batches, one from about 1910s indexed, the other not. card file by address and by number to about 15,000-20,000, but actual policies run to about 37,000

Maps: lots of 'em, cat'd
Clement Coll.: NJ survey collection, Burlington County
Good set of updated Hexamer & Locher atlases, ca. 1857-71
19th c. development maps in scrapbook-like vols.
title tracing maps in brief of title collections
Census recs 1790-1900, except 1890
Cemetery recs
Deed, will colls.
PA Newspaper inventories, in dig form

Graphics collections by no:

Lantern slides not generally in graphicsd catalogue.

Library Company of Philadelphia
(conversation with JCVH and Sarah Weatherwax, 17 July 1997)

* C. A. Poulson scrapbooks: describe collection on scrapbooks page.
J. F. Watson extra-illustrated Annals, at HSP for LCP: ~
Photos, Prints, Drawings
* Frederick DeBourg Richards photos: about 80-100 photos (4 boxes), 1850-60s, with titles. notes; pulled from Poulson scraps?
-- Gutekunst photos
-- McClees phortos
-- Rau photos
-- Langenheim photos
-- (B R Evans)
* Breton views, watercolors made for Watson's Annals?
* Robert Newell photos, buildings, 1870s-90s, perhaps 150 photos in 3-4 boxes, 100 stereo of M. Brenner,
Childs, Wild views (some original wc's of former)
Aero service photos, thousands of negatives, prints of those req since c. 1985, perhaps 250. *Finding aid in wp 5.1 to be passed on; same nos. as Free Library prints?
Digital Wainwright, Philadelphia lithos, 1820s to 1866: list of c. 500 being given in digital form*, allow word searches, some linking, locational hierarchy? Some work done on expanding list. NBW started at HSP, gave only first locations where print encountered, sdo would be useful to list other holders.
"Louise's list of original views" = drawings and watercolors
Catalogue of Object collection = includes oil paintings

"Philadelphia Bound" = 1980s show with selction from sevral pubs with ills. Cat will be good hint to this kind of image (by the way, about 6-12 in Gleason's Mag, 1853-54, including [from memory] Parkinson's Restaurant, Hauel's perfume store [with int], Caleb Cope's store, Market or Chestnut St. loft by Hoxie, 900-block Chetsnut with Cox house?)
Photocopy file of advs etc. from city directories etc., with images of buildings filed by location.

Athenaeum of Philadelphia
219 S. 6th St., Phila, 926-2688
(Conversation w/ Bruce Laverty, 6 Aug. 97)

* real estate atlases: not too many, list on diskette for incorporation into ours
Prints: substantial collection of misc prints, many cut out from unid pubs, ordered by size, about 700 small, 100 medium, 50 large; some being scanned presently, about 5 megs per image, on CDs in 100s, with data in excel spreadsheet; probably will be mostly completed by Chris by early Fall. Many need better id. walter to get a program to alllow index view with images as on photo CD.
Lantern Slides: Keystone View Co. collection, couple of hundred lantern slides, ca. 1900-1910, some old chestnuts, others nonstandard views. Experiment shows that these scan well on Ath scanner. Also a set from INHP that were Charles E. Peterson's, taken betw 30s and 60s.
Photos: about 700 misc photos, roughly inventoried already in excel; along with James L. Dillon Collection, some 500 pohotos, 1930s-40s; also Karl Lutz Collection, about 2000 views by postcard photog, 1920-50s, many scenic, some good streetscapes.
Scrapbooks: Benson Scrapbooks, about 20 vols., ca. 1910-60s (Athenaeum of Philadelphia), mainly newspaper clippings, and some from other publications, few photos, mainly about place, collected by Rev. Benson, with a quirky index.
-- also scrapbook of Old City Historical Society, 1900-60, focusing on Society Hill, Washington Sq.
Maps: esp from Radnor Historical Society collection, about 300 or so, mainly related to development there.
*Reports: HP Student papers, HSRs cat'd, on icon website.
Projects: T Square Club catalogue index: card file, now wp document indexing all T sq cats, 1890s-1930s; all originals but one at PAth; interest in scanning all, adding PC AIA yearbooks, 1949-1970s.
-- Catholic Buildings project, under Connelly grant, now online at [], combining slides, drawing images, bio dicty data related to R.C. bldgs in area. walter has running using lotus notes queryable db.
-- Athenaeum's Biographical Dictionary, present plans to go online with source data in next few years; w/ link to Ath's archtl dwgs.

Atwater Kent Museum
15 S. 7th St., Phila. 686-3630
(Conversation with Nancy Moses and Jeffrey Ray, April 1997)

(100,000 records in PHIDO db)
Prints: total of 20,000 records in PHIDO db
Wainwright lithos, Childs prints, Birch prints
Photos: total of 20,000 records in PHIDO db
Joseph Jackson photos, about 40 of sites, early 20th c., of Declaration signers' homes.
Barrie Mason photos of Phila places, c. 1950s
Items related to trolleys in Cox PCC Collection
Buckley collection, 1970s, hundreds of photos
Misc Buildings Collection
WPA Collection, 1939 views of sites of Evans drawings, numbering about 125
Hog Island Collection, 3,000 photos
Ephemera: total of 10,000 records in PHIDO db
5,000 post cards
Beitler Collection of bill heads, perhaps hundreds have images of 19th c. business buildings
B. Ridgway Evans drawings, late 19th century, commissioned by F. Dreer. About 150 of them, others at LCP, HSP, and Carson Collection.

Free Library of Philadelphia
1901 Vine St., Philadelphia, P&P Coll., 686-5405; Map Coll., 686-5397
(from discussions with Joe Benford, Eliz. McKenty, 17 July 1997)

Phila Sub Hses photos, c. 1889, 125 photos
Old Phila Surveys:

-- Hillman/ McClintock, 1897-98, surveys of 8 Colonial buildings, large scale bound original, and full set of glossies.
-- annotated Yarnall & Goforth, Rothkugel, 2 vols.
-- PC, AIA, "Old Philadelphia Survey," 14 vol. set (?), all shot as glossies
-- HABS, 9-10 vols. of large blueprints, 1933-41
Philadelphiana Collection in P&P, over 10,000 items (folders A-Z. with small catagories.)
-- John Eckfeld collection of Haddington-area pictures
-- Douglas Macfarlan collection of West Phila and Fairmount Park pictures
-- Charles Mills collection of Schuylkill Falls-area pictures
-- John Gibb Smith collection of Willow Grove-area pictures
Joseph Jackson litho collection, 275 prints, many of Phila places
Joe Labolito photos, including Spruce St., river to river, 1980s?
Samuel Castner Collection (purchased 1947)
-- 8000 prints, photos, and clippings in 46 scrapbooks, with card index.
-- 1000-5000 images, on microfilm
-- about 1300 photos in the collection, from the beginning to vol. 26, have been rephoto'd as glossies, and this effort will continue.
Wilson Brothers architectural and engineering catalogs
-- images in both published volumes, 1885 and 1897, reshot as glossies, c. 1995
Published well-illustrated volume on City Hall, 1897, by Frederick Faust, w/ many photos of sculpture, some glossies made
Fine Arts drawings and prints
-- August Koellner, 350 items
-- Joseph Pennell, 100 prints
Postcard collection
Architectural Drawings Collection
-- about a dozen by Eyre, mostly city houses, c. 1890; Walter's set of Dundas-Lippincott mansion, c. 1838.
Centennial Collection
-- official photographic record of Centennial, never systematically published, 1000-1200 images
Aerial views coll., 4000 negs, 1930s on.

22 volumes Aero Service Survey Co., 2 vols. Dallin, with a hand-written card index. Large format glossies, about 12 x 20"?, in screw binders. Indexed by neg number and volume alphabetcially by location on hand-written half-index cards. (are these same numbers used in LCP's wpdoc neg list?)

Map collection:

-- best set of original Hexamer & Locher atlases, 1857-60

* 8 vols., perhaps 100-200 plates, each of two sheets about 18 x 30. completely encapsulted and bound., i.e., vol. 7, 1860, parts of wards 1,2,3,4, = pl.s 85-96, . Delaware to 19th, but includes only vignettes of developmental fringe, along with plates of ESP, House of Refuge, not part of these wards. Is on microform, but never shot in color.

-- Sanborn maps, 1921 on
-- other re atlases
-- Hexamer general surveys, industrial properties, 19th century, axonomeric views

discussions w/ J Moak, 21 Apr, inspection at FLP 17 July 97: 29 vol. set containing 3000 surveys of industrial and commercial properties, of which 2600 survive. [actually 2855 numbered plates.] Date prepared 1866-95. each plate about 19 x 17" (?). About 20% are for places outside Phila, ranging from NJ to WV, but lots for counties surrounding Phila. Most predominant single type, textile mills. Vols 1 & 3 have tables of contents.

At FLP typescript:Joyce A. Post, comp., "A Consolidated Name Index to the Hexamer General Surveys," Phila., 1974, copyrighted. This lists each alphabetically by name of company or individual. JM describes addtl indexes by geography and by product that he's put together. One is a database at the Phila City Archives started in 1976 and completed about 1981-82. There are also (?) notebook indexes. Part I = factories. Part 3 = alphabetical, with name of mill, owner, plate numbers.

Philadelphia City Archives (
Suite 942, 401 North Broad St., Phila., 686-1581, 686-1580
(from discussions w/ J Moak, 21 Apr 97)
Existing databases:
-- Hexamer general surveys index (see above). 19th-c. fire insurance surveys of industrial properties, 2600 of them, many illustrated with axonometric drawings, surveys themselves at FLP.
-- PCA negatives db. includes photo no., locvation as given, phtographer, date, dimensions.
-- City hall plans db. Over 600 plans held by Commrs of Public Buildings, 1871-1970s. Like most others at PCA, in a Paradox (relational rather than flat-file) db.

Indexing projects sponsored by hereditary societies, carried out by James Duffin:
-- Journal of Loan office records, 1723-60, pub by GSP.
-- Sales, Comm. Property, 1780-1820. Deeds for city, esp Ritt Sq, Wash West areas, keyed to plat nos. in deeds of that era. From Comm Prop books, five at PCA from 1814, 6 at FLP from 1786. pub by GSP.
-- a 3rd GSP project, Guide to Exemplification records. Has to do with early Philadelphia County deeds missing from usual patent book system, most from 17th an 18th c., brought into new system in accord with 1838 act. Indispensible when tracking title to a dead point in the original records.

Tattered set of original Hexamer & Locher atlases (better at FLP), but vol. 6 is updated one.
city directories
access to bldg permit, L&I colls?

American Philosophical Society Library
105 South 5th St., Phila., 440-3408
Hannah Benner Roach files
Houston/Smith Coll of re atlases
city directories
newspaper CD-ROMs

National Archives -- Mid-Atlantic Region
9th and Market Street, Philadelphia, PA 19107
(215) 597 - 3000 (U.S. National Archives) (NARA Archival Information Locator)

US censuses 1790-1920 with Soundex, 1798 Direct Tax .

Fairmount Park Commission
Memorial Hall, FP, Phila., 685-0047
topo map 1870s first of Phila area
data on FP houses
graphics collection

Independence National Historical Park Library
120 South 4th St., Phila., 597-1189, 597-8047
photo colls
research colls on INHP

Phila Maritime/Independence Seaport Museum
Penn's Landing, Phila, 925-5439

Balch Institute for Ethnic Studies
18 South 7th St., Phila., 925-8090

CIGNA Companies
1601 Chestnut St., Phila., 526-5289
INA fire insurance surveys
photo colls

Mutual Assurance Company/ The Green Tree Group
414 Walnut St., Phila, 925-0609
fire insurance surveys

Philadelphia Contributuionship
212 S. 4th St., 627-1752
fire insurance surveys

Presbyterian Historical Society
425 Lombard St., Phila., 627-1852
congregation records
Jas White book

Lutheran Archives Center
7310 Germantown Ave., 248-4616
congregation records

Philadelphia Jewish Archives Center, Balch Institute
18 S. 7th St., Phila., 925-8090
synagogue records

Germantown Mennonite Historic Trust
6133 Germantown Ave., 843-0943

Archdiocese of Phila
St. Charles Seminary, Overbrook, 667-2125
also incl. Archives of the American Catholic Historical Society
parish histories?

Christ Church
20 North American St., Phila., 525-0201
P.E. parish recs? (on mfilm at HSP?)

Afro-American Historical and Cultural Museum
701 Arch St., Phila, 215 574-4381, 849-9733
Photo colls
-- Jack Franklin collection, 275,000 photos

German Society of Phila
611 Spring Garden St., Phila., 627-4365

American Swedish Historical Museum
1900 Pattison Ave., 389-1776

University of Pennsylvania
Spec colls, 898-2065; Architectural Archives, 898-8323; Univ Archives, 898-7024
Philadelphia Social History Project materials,VPL
-- includes censuses 1850-80, geocoded, locations of home and work
Archtl Drawings, AA UP
Institutional history holdings, UA

Temple University Urban Archives
Paley Library, 13th & Berks, Phila., 204-6639, 787-8257
photo collection
newspaper colls (Bulletin, Inquirer)
Phila Bd of Realtors recs, c. 1930-62
City Parks Assn
Housing, planning colls

Bryn Mawr College
(Canaday Library, 610 526-5276; BMC Archives, 610 526-5285)
Discussions with Mary Leahy, 13 June 97
Materials in four divisions within Special Collections:
Rare Books, Manuscripts (RB and MSS), College Fine Arts Collections (FA; Carol Campbell), Archives (Lorette Treese)
Principal set of area images in Seymour Adelman Collection (SA)

SA Collection: mainly literary, some Frankliniana, calligraphy, boxiana, perhaps less than 1/3 Philadelphiana, including:

  • a few dozen 19th c. photos of places, some possibly unique
  • John Rubens Smith watercolor of Independence Hall, 1829
  • Augustus Kollner oil painting of Girard College, 1860
  • collection of Thomas Eakins photos, some w/ Mt Vernon St house in background
  • lithographs by James Queen (including "Union Volunteer Refreshment Stand," 1864)
  • ca. 100 19th-c. trade cards, many with vignettes (see also AKM on this)
  • additional materials in vault

    RB and MSS:
  • an 1896 manuscript album, "Memories of the Homes of Grandma Lewis," Anne C. Lewis, with photos, watercolors, sketches, and clippings, some relating to 1834 Delancey Street.
  • watercolors, c. 1914, perhaps two dozen, by Frank H. Taylor, J Riegel, E. R. Stover, Sinnock, some apparently after photos

    FA: paintings, prints, including:
  • prints by Jos Penell
  • print of Fairmount by Sartain after James Hamilton
  • print of Fairmount by J. Andrews after C. Burton
  • print of Centre Square by A B Walter after J. Barralet
  • Birch views
  • etching, 1919, of Pa. RR Station
  • photo, ca. 1900, by A.S. Barker, including some downtown scenes
  • daguerreotype of 8th st, N of Market St

    Archives: Institutional history holdings, including 20th-c views of campus buildings by Vernon Howe Bailey

    Link here to list of several dozen pertinent publications in RB collections catalog.
    esp, descriptive accounts:
  • S S Moore, Traveler's Directory, 1804
  • Waln, The Hermit in Philadelphia, 1819, 1821 eds.
  • Childs's Views, 1827-30
  • Strangers' Guide, 1828
  • Phila in 1830-31
  • Wild's Views, 1838
  • Guide to Laurel Hill Cem, 1844
  • City Cries, with Croome views, 1851
  • No Pa RR, 1853
  • Strangers' Guide, 1854
  • Freedley, Phila and Its Manufactures, 1859
  • Ritter, Phila and her Merchants, 1860
  • Lippincott, Phila and Its environs, 1875
  • Shinn, A Century After, 1875
  • Lippincott, Centennial Guide, 1875
  • Frank Leslie, Illustrated Centennial Historical Souvenir, 1876
  • Westcott, Centennial Portfolio, 1876
  • Edwards, ed., Industries of Phila, 1880
  • Heilprin, Town Geology, 1885
  • Guide of PB&W RR, 1887
  • Phila, reading and NE RR, Summer Homes, 1894
  • Meehan, Rand-McNally guide to Phila, 1896

    Haverford College
    (Magill Library, 610 896-1166; Quaker Coll., 896-1284; Spec Colls., 896-1284)
    deeds, maps, photos

    Swarthmore College
    (McCabe Library, 610 328-8478; Friends Hist'l Lib., 328-8496; Peace Coll., 328-8557; Spec Colls., 328-8495)

    Friends Historical Library of Swarthmore College
    McCabe Library, Swarthmore College, 500 College Ave. Swarthmore, PA19081-1399
    (610) 328 - 8496
    Quaker Meeting records.

    Ursinus College
    Myrin Library, Collegeville, PA, 489-4111
    PA Folklife coll.

    ex-Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts/Museum of American Art
    Broad & Cherry sts., Phila., 972-7600
    Phila-area images

    Philadelphia Museum of Art
    BF Parkway, Phila., 763-8100
    paintings colls, prints

    Historical Society of Montgomery County
    1654 DeKalb St., Norristown, PA 19401
    (610) 272-0297
    MWThF 10am-4pm, Tu 1-9pm

    [mtg 30 July 97, w/ Edward T. Addison, Jr., Alice G. Smith, William M. McCain, and Dr. Joseph T. Riemer]
    org. 1881, earlier than Bucks and Chester; not a unit of govt, a 501-c3 w/ some county support. mainly run by volunteer efforts.
    no web page, except for one done by someone else (?)
    * have gen description of collections we'd like to get on diskette and post.
    * Bulletin of HS of MC: might announce existence of index to first 25 vols., 1895-1985, post topical index if on diskette, add searchable table of contents for last five years.
    * partial listing of real estate atlases, some republished, incl. 1848 map, 1870 Hopkins, 1877 Scott, and 1893 ; extend to all held, post.
    * fuller description of certain collections:
    - Charles Barker Collection photos, c. 150 images, c. 1910, mainly non-monumental Narberth and Ardmore, Merion.
    - Richardson Colection of photos, scenes, dozens.
    - Matthews scrapbooks, local historian and title searcher, a[eared in local papers, c. 1890-1910.
    highlights from 1 p. list:
    large card catalog with names, places in various scrapbooks and pubs.
    census recs on microfilm, 1790-1910
    1798 window pane tax recs, MoCo tax books, 1785-1846
    good early map collection
    deeds: grantor/ee indexes, 1784-1919 on mf
    Mo Co deed books 1-299, mortgage books 1-31
    City directories for Norritown, Bridgeport, Conshohocken, Norristown, Pottstown, Phila. [* get years for each]
    orig land warrants on mf
    Norristown newspapers on mf
    road petitions, tavern licenses

    worried about excessive traffic, as fax brought after recent announcement
    Walter Overstreet has greater command over technological stuff
    early tax records, other inactive county records
    large album rel to Norristown State Hospital, late 19th c.
    work beginning on photographic index of a rough sort

    related notes: almost 40 local historical societies in Mo Co; Edw Addison has convened, can provide list *.
    County has list of historic sites: see Howard W. Gross, dir, and at County Archives, Donald Cunningham

    Radnor Historical Society
    113 West Beechtree La., Wayne, 610 688-2668

    Chester Co. Hist Soc.
    255 North High Street, West Chester, PA 19380
    610) 692-4800

    [mtg 29 July 97, w/ Jeff Rollison (?), Diane Rofini, Laurie A. Rofini, Pam Powell, photo archivist, 692-4066, x260]
    * get list of atlases
    * help Pam Powell get going on scanning, perhaps of Albert Biles photo album, numbering 100 or so.

    they have website at
    not much else in digital form, but good general collections description there.
    70,000 photos
    postcard collection 100s of images from county.
    PA Hist Sites Survey contact sheets, worksheets
    HABS working materials, photos from 1958-60 surveys, Bart Anderson historical notes in notebooks, Ned Goode photos.
    A C Myers papers, esp ref to Valley Forge Natl Historical Park
    lots of scrapbooks, family recs, not spec about place, though.

    related notes: lots of little village and town surveys ongoing; townships will know of them.
    Jane Davidson coords historic preservation network
    some Pa county records in Harrisburg
    CCHS has a cooperative arrangement with county to run.

    Chester County Archives
    Govt Services Center, suite 080
    610 Westtown Rd., West Chester, PA 19382
    (610) 344-6760
    M-F 9am-4pm
    Laurie A. Rofini, archivist

    Deeds (printed index, computerized index)
    Road and bridge papers
    Tavern petitions (printed index)
    Tax records (printed index)

    Bucks County Historical Society
    84 South Pine Street, Doylestown, PA 18901
    (215) 345 - 0210

    Large collection of records relating to Bucks County and Pennsylvania. (Currently closed for renovations)

    Delaware County Historical Society
    85 North Malin Road, Broomall, PA 19008-1928
    (610) 359- 1148

    Old York Road Historical Society

    Jenkintown Library, York & Vista rds, Jenkintown, 884-0593, 441-8388
    maps, atlases, scrapbooks,
    photo colls (15,000 items)

    Germantown Historical Society
    5503 Germantown Ave., Phila., 844-8428 (Su 12-5, T-Th, 12-4)

    Chestnut Hill Historical Society
    8708 Germantown Ave., Phila., 247-0417

    Family History Center
    721 Paxon Hollow Rd, Broomall, PA
    610 - 356 - 8507
    Access to all of the material available through the LDS Church.

    State of Pennsylvania, The State Library
    Forum Building, P.O. Box 1601, Harrisburg, PA 17105
    (717) 783 - 5950 LIBSTATE.HTML (Researcher list)

    Large book collection in the local history and genealogy room. Also has access to over 150 current and microfilmed newspapers from around the state.

    State of Pennsylvania, The State Archives
    William Penn Museum Building, P.O. Box 1026, Harrisburg, PA 17108-1026
    (717) 783 - 3281

    A wide range of original and microfilmed records created by the state and from county and local governmental agencies. Contains militaryrecords and land records, including the early state land records.

    Other people, places:

    Harry Sillcox, Lincoln High School, books on Tacony, Frankford?
    Area land surveys etc (Moak? Map Society)


    Persistence, sustainability, ownership if we fizzle (SS)

    Aiming too high, missing wide audience (NM)

    Copyright protection (all)

    Biting off too much, keeping it incremental and focused

    Web provider: a school, libertynet, an ISP?

    Long term medium, changeable, cost effective


    Places Contacted:


    MoCo HS
    ChCo HS

    Next to approach:

    other area colleges

    DeCo HS
    BuCo HS


    Gtn HS
    OYR HS
    Radnor HS
    Girard College?

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