P.9480 60 [Big Viaduct Bridge over the Little Conemaugh River] glass plate negative 1886
P.9480 J-09 [Debris at the Stone Bridge near Cambria Iron Works after the flood, Johnstown, Pa. 1889]   May 31, 1889
P.9480 J-29, J-30, J-31 [Johnstown Flodd. Outside dam showing broken dam breast at South Fork Dam.] Nitrate June, 1889
P.9480 J-13 [Johnstown Flood . Temporary trestle to replace 5 miles of P.R.R. main line totally destroyed by the flood.] Nitrate May 31, 1889
P.9480 J-40 [Johnstown Flood. 1 year after.] Nitrate  
P.9480 J-33 [Johnstown Flood. Bed of Conemaugh (entire village wiped out).] Nitrate  
P.9480 J-22 [Johnstown Flood. Bed of South Fork Dam 3 miles long - 90 ft. deep.] Nitrate  
P.9480 J-18 [Johnstown Flood. Big cut. Flood rushed through this cut totally destroying railroad & carrying away ballat to bare rocks. (This shows reconstruction)] Nitrate  
P.9480 J-02 [Johnstown Flood. Big rocks rolled down valley from South Fork to Johnstown. Rails picked up by rolling rocks and tied in knots.] Nitrate  
P.9480 J-10 [Johnstown Flood. Big Viaduct Trestle.  Big trestle was a solid stone arch over the Old Portage Railorad considered to be the most graceful Railroad arch in America. It was swept away, reduced to atoms and here is being replaced by a wooden trestle 1000 feet long and 100 ft. high. Completed in 3 days.] Nitrate  
P.9480 J-07 [Johnstown Flood. Big Viaduct Trestle. Here the flood carried away a solid stone bridge considered the finest and strongest arch [bridge] in America. Our trait was the first to cross over the Trestle.] Nitrate, digital image  
P.9480 J-60 [Johnstown Flood. Big Viaduct.] Glass negative  
P.9480 J-35 [Johnstown Flood. Broken dam bank.] Nitrate  
P.9480 J-03 [Johnstown Flood. Buttermilk Falls RR. Ten miles of Penna. roadbed from South Fork to Johnstown totally destroyed. Here at Buttermilk Falls three miles of wooden trestle were built and traffic resumed in three days. Fastest railroad construction on record.] Nitrate June, 1889
P.9480 J-15 [Johnstown Flood. Buttermilk Falls.] Nitrate  
P.9480 J-62 assumed [Johnstown Flood. Curio shop at Johnstown [Stone] Bridge.]    
P.9480 J-56 [Johnstown Flood. Day Express blocked.] Glass negative - damaged  
P.9480 J-11 [Johnstown Flood. Digging out engines from ten foot deep drift. 36 mountain climbing freight locomotives carried from Conemaugh round house 5 miles, entirely destroyed and buried.] Nitrate  
P.9480 J-24 [Johnstown Flood. Drift "afire" at [Stone] Bridge.] Nitrate  
P.9480 J-12 [Johnstown Flood. Drift at [Stone] Bridge.] Glass negative, film, and print; modern print May 31, 1889
P.9480 J-42 [Johnstown Flood. Empty dam.] Nitrate June 1889
P.9480 J-61 [Johnstown Flood. Empty dam.] Nitrate; 2 modern prints  
P.9480 J-47 [Johnstown Flood. Empty reservoir, South Fork.] Nitrate   
P.9480 J-17 [Johnstown Flood. Empty South Fork Dam June 3, 1889. Broken dam breast.] Nitrate June 3, 1889
P.9480 J-19 [Johnstown Flood. Four Main Line PRR tracks washed away below South Fork. 5000 workmen replacing temporary tracks.] Nitrate  
P.9480 J-39 [Johnstown Flood. Harrisburg main line underwater. Made from rear platform of the last train west for 3 days.] Nitrate  
P.9480 J-41 [Johnstown Flood. Harrisburg R.R. under water.] Nitrate June, 1889
P.9480 J-54 [Johnstown Flood. Heart of town wiped out.]  Glass negative  
P.9480 J-37 [Johnstown Flood. Here above the big cut just above the Big Viaduct stone arch. 2000 men at work restoring four track roadbed of Penna. R.R.] Nitrate, digital image May 31, 1889
P.9480 J-38 [Johnstown Flood. Johnstown [Stone] Bridge before the flood.] Nitrate   
P.9480 J-36 [Johnstown Flood. Outside [South Fork] Dam.] Nitrate  
P.9480 J-27 [Johnstown Flood. Repairing bridge after flood. Solid stone seven arch bridge at Johnstown blocked flood piled up drift. Here 5000 bodies jammed in wreck.] Nitrate  
P.9480 J-46 [Johnstown Flood. Roadbed of PRR destroyed below South Fork. Houses washed away.] Nitrate  
P.9480 J-28 [Johnstown Flood. Rocks rolled down valley. Solid stone roadbed of Penna. R.R. Smashed to atoms and rolled down Conemaugh Valley (ten miles).] Nitrate  
P.9480 J-21 [Johnstown Flood. Shacks. Over night Johnstown became a "boom" town.] Nitrate  
P.9480 J-14 [Johnstown Flood. Site of what was once the finest four track railroad in America.] Nitrate  
P.9480 J-66  [Johnstown Flood. Stone Arch Bridge, Johnstown, Pa.] Glass negative June, 1889
P.9480 J-25 number assigned [Johnstown Flood. Stone Arch Bridge, Johnstown, Pa.] Glass negative  
P.9480 J-20 [Johnstown Flood. Stone Bridge No. 6 Penna R.R. 1000 feet long 80 feet high replaced by wooden trestle in three days.] Nitrate June 1889
P.9480 J-01 [Johnstown Flood. Ten miles of P.R.R. roadbed (the finest in U.S.A.) destroyed and rolling stock buried in drift.] Nitrate  
P.9480 J-34 [Johnstown Flood. Towards South Fork Dam.] Nitrate; modern print  
P.9480 J-04 [Johnstown Flood. Train derailed at South Fork and left completely coupled on Old Portage track.] Nitrate  
P.9480 J-05, J-06 [Johnstown Flood. Train dug up from drift. Thirty-six heavy mountain climbing freight locomotives washed from round house at Conemaugh, rolled five miles, stripped down to boilers, and buried ten feet deep in drift. Here they have been dug up to return to Conemaugh.]   June, 1889
P.9480 J-26 [Johnstown Flood. Woodvale wrecked. Woodvale below Conemaugh entirely washed away. PRR destroyed and Woodvale Woolen Mills only structure left standing.] Nitrate, digital image  
P.9480 J-32 [Johnstown Flood. Woodvale, one year after the flood.] Glass negative, digital image 1890
P.9480 J-16 [Johnstown Flood. Woodvale.] Glass plate negative  
P.9480 J-57 [Johnstown Flood. Wrecked passenger locomotive rolled two miles and left in engineer's front yard.] modern print June, 1889
P.9480 J-23 [Johnstown Flood. Year after. Site of Johnstown one year after flood.] Nitrate May 31, 1890
P.9480 J-08 [Johnstown Flood.] Engine Blocked by drift above Johnstown. Nitrate, digital image June 1889
P.9480   [Johnstown Flood.] Engine Blocked by drift above Johnstown.    
P.9480 J-67 number assigned [Johnstown Flood.] Engine Blocked by drift above Johnstown. modern print June, 1889
P.9480 J-51 [Johnstown Flood.] Engine Blocked by drift above Johnstown. Nitrate; modern print  
P.9480 J-45 [Little Comemaugh Bridge] Nitrate  
P.9480 J-65 [Little Conemaugh Bridge.] Nitrate  
P.9480 J-44 [Little Conemaugh Bridge] Nitrate, digital image  
P.9480 J-64 [Penna. R.R. Co. Little Conemaugh Bridge.] Nitrate June, 1889