Bank Row

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The map of Philadelphia pictured below is taken from the Rand McNally and Company World Atlas of 1897 and focuses on the area of Chestnut St. between Second St. and Sixth St. By the mid-nineteenth century, a large concentration of banks had developed on Chestnut, especially between Second St. and Fifth St., and because of this concentration, this section of of the street became known as "Bank Row." A number of banks in this area were depicted photographically in Moses King's Philadelphia and Notable Philadelphians (New York, 1902). Each of the green circles below provides a link to one of the banks King photographed. The images date from 1900 and are accompanied by a brief caption, which King originally published with the photograph.


Map of Philadelphia by Rand McNally and Company World Atlas, 1897. From the David Rumsey Collection.


Trecia Pottinger

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February 2003