Detailed captions of King's Photographs

Fidelity Storage And Ware House Co.
1811 to 1819 Market Street
"The most perfect storage warehouse in the city. Solidly built, fire and burglar proof, superbly appointed offices and safe deposit vaults. An extensive van service for moving furniture and other goods."

The Fidelity Mutual Life Insurance Company
112-116 N. Broad
"Chartered 1878. L.G. Fouse, president and founder. Substantial and progressive mutual profit-sharing life insurance company, offering specially liberal policies and unusually generous provisions."

Broad Street Skyscrapers
View looking Southward from City Hall
"The first of the group of imposing structures shown above was the Girard Trust Co.'s, where for a while it was very conspicuous, although only eight stories high, since raised to fourteen stories. Then came the Beta Building, the pioneer modern skyscraper; then the Land Title, the Real Estate Trust, the West End Trust, the extension to the Real Estate Trust, the Halloweil and the North American."

League Island Navy Yard Of The United States
Southern terminus of Broad Street, five miles south of the City Hall
"Comprises 923 acres, given to National Government by City in 1870. Great concrete dock, to accommodate largest ships afloat, now under construction. Among ships in yard in 1900 are Monitor Miantonomah, Battleship Indiana, Cruisers Minneapolis and Columbia. The whole island is being developed for the highest grade naval station. The grounds are laid out picturesquely."

Grain Wharves Of The Pennsylvania Railroad Co.
On the Delaware River at foot of Washington Street.
"Operated by the Girard Point Storage Co. This elevator is of brick and fireproof, and has a capacity of 450,000 bushels. It is in close proximity to the piers of the ocean steamship lines - American, Red Star and Atlantic Transport. In the background appear adjacent sugar refineries. The Girard Point Storage Co.'s elevators at Girard Point are illustrated above."

Girard Point Storage Co.'s Grain Elevators
Girard Point, on the Schuylkill River, just above its junction with the Delaware
"This company, organized 1881, with capital of $2,000,000 is in fact a Pennsylvania Railroad adjunct for which Girard Point is an important freight terminal. The two grain elevators have a capacity of 2,050,000 bushels and t four wharves, or piers, accommodate all classes of merchandise. The depth of water and dockage alongside are ample for the largest ocean steamers."

Fairmount Water Works
Along The Schuylkill River
"Oldest of four pumping stations in Fairmount Park. Turbines, started December 25, 1822, furnish the power, but, with the completion of filtration system, will probably go out of service. Formerly one of the city's sights. Main buildings designed by Frederick Graff, to whom a monument has been erected on the grounds."

Manayunk, On The Schuylkill River
"An old town, now a northwestern part of the city. An important manufacturing district. Water power, furnished by the Schuylkill Canal, has long been used to run numerous textile and paper mills. Many of the streets so steep that horses cannot use them. Sidewalks are flights of steps."

Schuylkill River, From South Street Bridge Looking Northward
"The stretch of water here seen marks the head of navigation for masted vessels, the bridges above having no draw spans. Lumber, coal, ice and stone yards abound on the west bank. East side skirted by Baltimore & Ohio Railroad. Philadelphia, Wilmington & Baltimore Railroad on the west bank."

The Schuylkill River, With Its Eighteenth Bridges
"Looking southward in the view are seen the Market, Chestnut, Walnut and South street bridges, a few of the many links connecting West Philadelphia with the main part of the city. In the picture are seen the extensive West Philadelphia Market, the Baltimore & Ohio Station and the Allison Car Works."

The Baldwin Locomotive Works - Burnham, Williams & Co.
Broad and Spring Garden Streets and Reading Railway Subway
"Builds all varieties of locomotives for all countries. Established 1831. "Old Ironsides" built 1832. Annual capacity 1,200 locomotives. Employs 8,500 men. Runs night and day. Has built 20,000 locomotives. Area 16 acres of valuable city property. Largest works of its kind in the world. The New United States Mint and New Boys High School are close by."

Atlantic Oil Refining Company's Plant And Point Breeze Gas Works
Schuylkill terminus of Passyunk Avenue
"In addition to being one of the most picturesque quarters of the Quaker City, Point Breeze is notable as the site of the Atlantic Refining Company's plant, whence is shipped nearly one-half of the world's illuminating fluid, and the Point Breeze Gas Works. The latter plant was completed in 1854, when it was then considered the largest in the world."

Sugar Refineries In Philadelphia Along The Delaware River
"No view of the Delaware River font of Philadelphia is so familiar as the huge group of brick sugar refineries, which picturesquely break up the sky line. The refineries, chiefly operated by the American Sugar Refining Co., are those of Harrison, Frazier & Co., E.C. Knight & Co., Claus Spreckels and W.J. McCahan. The Harrisons, formerly in this industry, are to erect a great new industry."

The Baldwin Locomotive Works
Spring Garden and 16th Streets.
"Founded M.W. Baldwin, now Burnham, Williams & Co. Showing new buildings erected in 1901. Almost simultaneously with the completion of the new United States Mint, the finest structure of its kind extant, the Baldwin Locomotive Works completed in 1901 additions, making these famous works not only the largest but the most modern in the world, and increasing the capacity to 1,500 locomotives a year. In 1902, was celebrated the 70th year since the building of 'Old Ironsides.'"

John B. Stetson Company, Hat Manufactory
Montgomery Avenue, 4th and Cadwallader Streets
"Largest and most complete felt hat factory in the world, solely fine soft and stiff felt hats. started 1865 by John B. Stetson, and incorporated 1891. Capital, $3,000,000. The plant covers about 10 acres of floor space and employs 2,200 persons. Yearly products, about 85,000 dozen hats, sold all over the world. The company maintains hospital, dispensary, reading-room, etc. for its employees."

The Sharpless Dyewood Extract Company
Manufactory at Chester, on the Delaware. Offices 648 Philadelphia Bourse.
"Dyewoods and dyewood extracts. This business was established in 1835 and incorporated in 1895. Manufacture dyewoods and dyewood extracts for use by cotton, woolen, silk and morocco manufacturers. Besides selling to the trade throughout this country their products are largely exported. The officers are: Thomas Scattergood, president; John W. Pepper, vice-president, and George S. Hutton, secretary and treasurer."

Croft & Allen Company's
33d and Market Streets
"Chocolate, Cocoa and Confectionery Works. This fine group of buildings forms one of the most important industries of the city and the foremost in its line in America. It is at 33d Street, extending from market Street to Woodland Avenue. It produces the famous Croft's Swiss Milk Cocoa, etc. Samuel Croft, president."

Wolff Process Leather Company
Summerdale Station, Philadelphia & Reading R.R.
"One of the greatest and finest leather factories in the world, especially equipped for producing "Ideal Leather," a non-breakable enameled leather patented by George S. Wolff, founder and president of the company. The entire output is handled by Booth & Co., N.Y."

Fayette R. Plumb's Edge Tool Works
Frankford, Philadelphia
"Largest American manufacturers of hammers, sledge, edge tools, picks, railroad, miners' and blacksmiths' tools, etc. Goods of highest grade, and sent to all parts of the world, Established 1856 by Jonathan Yerkes, succeeded 1867 by Yerkes & Plumb, and 1886 by Fayette R. Plumb, still at its head."

William Wood & Co.
Spring Garden and 22d Streets
"Manufacturers of Woolens and Worsteds. Established in 1858 by William Wood. Enlarged in 1860 under firm name of William Wood & Co. Widely known woolen and worsted mills. In Philadelphia, extending from 21st and Hamilton to 22d and Spring Garden Streets. Offices in New York, Chicago, etc."

Southwark Foundry And Machine Co.
Washington Avenue, Federal, 4th and 5th Streets
"Established in 1836 by Merrick & Sons. Incorporated in 1880, with a perpetual charter. These works, with their modern equipment, produce high-speed engines, condensers, pumps, heavy castings, special machinery, etc., which are sold throughout the world. James C. Brooks, president."

Creswell'S Eagle Iron Foundry. Creswell & Waters Co.
Blaine and Ruffiner Street, Nicetown
"Business established in 1840 by Samuel J. Creswell. Incorporated 1902 as Creswell & Waters Company, David S. Creswell, president. Manufacturers of architectural work, large and different machinery , heaters, rangers, etc."

Morse, Williams & Co. - Morse Elevator Works
Frankford Ave., Wildey and Schakamaxon Streets
"Morse, Williams & Co., manufacturers of all kinds of passenger and freight elevators, electric, hydraulic, steam, belt and hand power, have their main office in the West End Trust Building and branches in N.Y., Boston, New Haven, Pittsburgh, Baltimore and Atlanta. 15,000 Moore elevators are in use."

N. & G. Taylor Company's Tin Plate Works
Tasker, Swanson and Meadow Streets
"The oldest American house of its kind, established in 1810, and still the sole manufacturer of the celebrated "Taylor Old Style" roofing tin, tin plate, finished black plate, stamping steel, solder, Babbit metals, etc. Mills also at Cumberland, Md. General offices, Mariner and Merchant Building."

The Gloucester Manufacturing Company's Print Works
Gloucester, N.J., just south of Philadelphia, on the Delaware River
"One of the chief industries of the manufacturing town of Gloucester, where it occupies an advantageous situation on the Delaware River front. Founded two generations ago, the print works, a large substantial plant, were raised to a high point of efficiency by the late David Sands Brown, a pre-eminent merchant of his time, and have been ably developed by George A. Heyl, his successor as president."

The Keasbey & Mattison Company
Ambler, Pa.
"Dr. Richard V. Mattison, president. Magnesia, Asbestos, and Pharmaceutical Products. This gigantic establishment known throughout the land, in fact, the largest plant in the world devoted to the manufacture of magnesia and asbestos products, was founded in 1873 and has been developed by its present owners from the small laboratory originally located in Philadelphia to the immense manufacturing works at Ambler, Philadelphia & Reading Railway."

N.Z. Graves & Co., And Camden White Lead Works
Offices, 3d and Arch Sts., Philadelphia.
"Paints, varnishes and white lead. One of the largest establishments in these lines in America. Started in 1882, at 20th and Tasker Streets (upper left hand), now devoted to varnish and japan making. In 1887 the paint and color works, Broad and Geary Sts. (upper right hand) were built, and in 1899 the Camden White Lead Works, 6th and Jackson Sts. Combined area, 18 acres. Nelson Z. Graves, pres.; V.F. Graves, treas."

William Cramp & Sons Ship And Engine Building Co.
On The Delaware River
"The Cramp Shipyards In September, 1900. America's greatest shipbuilding works. Founded 1830. Covers 50 acres. River front 1,900 feet. 8,000 workmen. Many of Uncle Sam's White Squadron and warships for several nations are built here, as well as the finest merchant marine. The Dry Dock and Marine Railway are on Beach street, from Ball to Palmer, and the main shipbuilding years along the river from Plum to York."

Midvale Steel Company, Car Axles, Tires, Projectiles And Armor Plate
"Though a modern establishment, the Midwale Steel Works have had rapid growth and constitute one of the gigantic industries of the country. Car axles, steel tires for locomotive wheels and structural work have long been their well-known products. They also make propeller shafts for steamships, and gun forgings and steel projectiles and armor plates for the United States Government."

Eddystone Manufacturing Co., "Eddystone Print Works."
On The Delaware River
"These famous print works occupy a mile of river front below Philadelphia. Eddystone is largely populated by its thousand employees. The industry was established sixty years ago by William Simpson at Falls of Schuylkill, and incorporated in 1877. Its 80,000,000 yards output is an infinite variety of the finest printed textiles, satins, serge, satin stipes, calicoes, etc."

The Allison Manufacturing Co.
30th, 31st, 32nd, Chestnut, Walnut and Spruce Streets
"Founded 1835 by W.C. Allison, then a wagon builder. For many years the firm, being the only car builders in the State, did most of the railroad work in Pennsylvania. Built the first palace car ever produced. Allison Manufacturing Company, incorporated 1883. Its present enormous works cover 14 acres, turning out cars of all kinds."

Link-Belt Engineering Company, Conveying And Elevating Machinery
Hunting Park Avenue and 21st St.
"Its plant in Philadelphia on Hunting Park Avenue and 21st Street, at the Nicetown Station of the Philadelphia and Reading Railway, is an ideal manufacturing establishment, well built, admirably arranged and completely equipped."

North Bros. Manufacturing Co., Hardware Manufacturers
Lehigh Avenue and American Street
"Established 1880. Incorporated 1887. Capital, $200,000. Manufacturers of "Lightning," "Gem" and "Blizzard" ice cream freezers; "Yankee" tools for carpenters, and other hardware specialties. The products are sold throughout the United States and are largely exported to all countries."

Isaac A. Sheppard & Co., Excelsior Stove Works
3d, 4th and Berks Streets and Montgomery Avenue
"Excelsior Stove Works, producing Excelsior ranges, Paragon furnaces and hot water and steam boilers. Began business 1859, and in 1866 established a foundry in Baltimore. The late Isaac A. Sheppard was many years president of the Board of Public Education."

William Sellers & Co.(Incorporated)
Pennsylvania Avenue, Hamilton, 16th and 17th Streets
"In making machine tools, Bancroft & Sellers, established 1848, forerunners of this company, were pioneers. The present company, whose works cover five acres of ground, produce the highest grade machine tools, heavy machinery, turntables, shafting, cranes, power hammers, forging machines, lathes, etc."

George V. Cresson Company, Engineers, Founders And Machinists
"This business, established by George V. Cresson in 1859 and incorporated in 1892, is the foremost in its line in this country. Their chief productions are power transmitting machinery, with a specialty of rope-driving machinery. Besides these they make all varieties of shafting, machine modeled and planed gearing and rock breaking and concentrating machinery."

John T. Bailey & Co. Manufacturers Of Bags, Rope And Twine
South Water, Tasker, Morris Streets and South Delaware Avenue
"This establishment is the outgrowth of a small factory started in 1857 by John T. Bailey. It is now the largest works of its kind in the United States. The firm consists of John T. Bailey, Frank Cascaden, William G. Bailey, Walter A. Bailey and John H. Morice. The plant is located at South Water, Tasker, Morris and South Delaware Avenue, Philadelphia Pa."

Horace T. Potts & Co., Iron And Steel
316, 318 and 320 North 3d Street
"Founded 1815. Erected present building in 1897. Finest edifice for its purpose in America. All varieties of iron and steel. Extensive importers of Swedish iron."

Hoopes & Townsend Co., Bolts, Nuts
Broad and Buttonwood
"Nuts, bolts, washers and iron and steel rivets. Founded 1849 by Barton Hoopes. A new plant is now under construction at Hoopeston, Pa."

Hoyle, Harrison & Kaye, Tapestries And Upholstery Fabrics
Front Street and Indiana Avenue
"One of the largest and foremost mills in its line in America. Produces the highest grades of table covers, curtains, lambrequins and upholstery fabrics. Formerly on Lehigh Avenue. Present extensive plant is new and elaborately equipped with modern and ingenious machinery."

Dornan Brothers, Monitor Carpet Mills
Oxford, Howard and Mascher Streets
"The Dornan Brothers Monitor Mills, established 1863 by John Dornan, is one of the oldest and most successful in the world-famous Kensington carpet district. Employ over 400 hands. A full variety of fine carpets. Its "Monitor Brand" carpets and other products sold all over America."

Ivins, Dietz & Metzger Co., Carpet Manufacturers
Lehigh Avenue, Marshall and 7th Streets
"Producing all the finer grades of Brussels, Wilton and Ingrain carpets, Art Squares and rugs. One of the largest Philadelphia carpet mills. The firm also controls a complete wholesale and retail carpet and rug establishment at Nos. 1220 and 1222 Market Streets."

John Bromley & Sons, Carpet, Rug And Curtain Manufacturers
Lehigh Avenue, below Front Street
"Originated 1845 by John Bromley. Largest and finest mills of their class in America. 500 feet square, comprising 11 acres of floor area. Produce Smryna carpets and rugs, lace and chenille curtains, covers, etc. Besides the Lehigh Avenue mills they own great mills at Front, York and Jasper Streets."

Collingwood Mills, Woolens And Worsteds, Folwell, Bro. & Co.
Cambria, Somerset, American and Third Sts.
"The Collingwood Mills, built 1887, are famous for their woolen and worsted dress goods, men's serge and linings. They are owned by Folwell, Bro. & Co., Inc., spinners, manufacturers and importers of dry goods. Business established 1857. Branch houses in New York, Boston and Chicago."

George Watkinson & Co.'S, Rubber Works
36th and Reed Streets
"Established 1896, manufactures all varieties of Rubber Boots and Shoes and Felt Boots. Occupies substantial modern buildings advantageously situated near East Station of Baltimore & Ohio R.R., close to Schuylkill River."

J.P. Mathieu & Co., Surpass Glazed Kid Works
Westmoreland and Ninth Streets, Ontario and 10th Streets
"Plant covers five acres. All new and modern buildings. One of the largest, finest, and most attractive leather works of the world. Complete electrical equipment. Produces only "Surpass Glazed Kid," used by shoe manufacturers. Sold exclusively by Booth & Co., New York, Boston and London."

The Leicester And Continental Mills Co.
Lena and Armat Streets, Germantown
"Established 1885 by Wilson H. Brown. Incorporated 1895. Largest mills in the United States devoted to eiderdown garments. Employs 800 hands. Produces a full line of knit goods, including eiderdown cloth, bath robes, sweaters and athletic goods, ladies' dressing sacks. Its trade is co-extensive with the Union."

Strawbridge And Clothier's Dry Goods Establishment
Market Street, Northwest corner of Eighth
"Philadelphia's representative dry goods store. Founded in 1868 on this corner by Justus C. Strawbridge and Isaac H. Clothier, this great house has progressively extended westward almost to Ninth Street, and northward to Filbert. This establishment enjoys the choicest patronage."

The S.S. White Dental Manufacturing Co.
Chestnut, Southwest corner 12th Street
"Leads the world in dental products. Business founded 1844 by Dr. S.S. White. Incorporated 1881 with $1,000,000 capital. Has several large factories and numerous branch houses. Its products sold in all countries. Has created and made a large part of the modern dentists' tools, appliance and materials."

Hood, Foulkrod & Co.
Market Street, Southwest Corner of 11th
"Pennsylvania's great wholesale dry goods house, occupying a splendid building especially by the Girard Estate, was founded in 1823 by Samuel Hood, father of the senior member of the present firm, in which Hon. John Wanamaker is special partner. Its business embraces the whole Union."

Wanamaker's Department Store, John Wanamaker
Chestnut and Market, 13th and Juniper Street
"Philadelphia's first and foremost department store. Opened 1876 by John Wanamaker, a marvelous merchant and United States Postmaster-General under President Harrison. Site previously occupied by Pennsylvania Railroad freight station. A superb new Wanamaker establishment to go on this site."

H.K. Mulford Company, Manufacturing Chemists
412 to 420 South Thirteenth Street
"Pharmaceutical chemists and factors of compressed tablets. Pharmaceutical laboratory and executive officers, 412 to 420 South Thirteenth St. Farm and Laboratory for vaccine virus, Glenolden, Delaware County, Penn. Biological laboratories and stables for producing diphtheria antitoxin, tuberculin, etc., in West Philadelphia. Mulford's products received highest awards at Paris Exposition."

The New Gray's Ferry Bridge Over The Schuylkill River
"Completed in 1901. Newest and most up-to-date bridge crossing the Schuylkill River. Is several steel bridges in one, and spans not only the river but Pennsylvania Railroad yards. Its draw span is worked very rapidly by electricity, making a complete revolution, thus saving time. Connects two very populous sections and supersedes a very old structure that was also utilized by the Pennsylvania Railroad."

David Landreth & Sons, Seedsmen
21 and 23 South Sixth
"The oldest Seed establishment in America. Conducted since 1784 by the direct descendants of the founder. Owns the Bloomsdale Garden Seed Farm at Bristol, Pa., and Seed Plantation in Virginia."

G.A. Schwartz, Toys And Novelties
1006 Chestnut Street
"One of Philadelphia's very fascinating establishments. The largest and most valuable stock of imported and domestic toys in the city. Business established 1859 in the present building on Chestnut St."

Millbourne Mills Company, Manufacturers Of High-Grade Flour
63d and Market Streets, Phila.
"One of the historic industries of Philadelphia. First grist mill, capacity 5 barrels a day, erected 1757 by John Sellers on land bought by his grandfather from Wm. Penn. By modern machinery his descendants, the Millbourne Mill Company, have increased the output to 600 barrels of the choicest flour."

John F. Betz & Son, Limited, Betz Brewery
Callowhill, Crown, Willow and Fifth Streets
"The Betz Brewery is one of the largest and most famous ale, beer and porter breweries. John F. Betz, the founder of the brewery, started as an apprentice in 1844. In 1855 he established his own brewery, and in 1880 he built the above brewery and adopted the present style."

Henry H. Roelofs & Co., Fine Felt Hat Manufacturers
Brown and Twelfth Streets
"Established 1890. Manufacturers of high grades of felt hats of all varieties. Sold throughout the world. Awarded the only prize at the National Export Exposition 1899, and the Grand Prize - the highest possible award - at the Paris Expostition 1900.

National Biscuit Company, Cracker And Biscuit Manufacturers
Glenwood Ave., Pennsylvania R.R.
"One of the largest and best equipped bakeries in the world, containing four and one-half acres of floor space. Near Germantown's Junction. Here are produced all varieties of crackers and fancy biscuit, including the "Uneda" products and many popular biscuit sold in the "In-Er-Seal Patent Package."

Samuel H. French & Co.
York Avenue, Fourth and Callowhill Streets
"Paints, Plasters, Cements and Builders' Supplies. An esteemed representative house. Founded in 1844 as French & Richards; afterwards French, Richards & Co.; since January 1883 Samuel H. French & Co. Samuel H. French died in 1895. John L. Longreth, after 49 years of association, retired in 1902. Howard F. French is now senior president."

Wm. F. Potts, Son & Co., Iron And Steel
Cherry Street, bet. 12th and 13th
"The finest warehouse in its line, just built by one of the oldest iron and steel firms, Wm. F. Potts, Son & Co. (Charles W. Potts and John P. Balderstone). The upper floors rented for light manufacturing."

H.K. Mulford Company
Thirteenth, Waverley, Addison and Lombard Streets
"Pharmaceutical and Chemical Laboratories. These laboratories are thoroughly equipped with every up-to-date device and apparatus for the manufacture of a full line of pharmaceuticals and finer synthetic chemicals. The Mulford preparations received the highest awards the Paris Exposition. Branches, New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Toronto."

H.K. Mulford Company's Biological Laboratories
Glenolden Farms, Pa.
"Executive Offices, Philadelphia. In these new and specially constructed laboratories, entirely remote from city environments, are prepared Antitoxins and Curative Serums for Diphtheria, Pneumonia, Tetanus, Streptococci infection, etc. These laboratories are the most complete and scientific in existence, exclusively for these products."

The Keystone Watch Case Co.
Factories and Main Offices, 19th and Brown Streets
"The largest watch case manufacturing concern in the world. Capital stock, $3,300,000. Over, 2,000 employees. Output, 4,000 watch cases a day, about 1,250,000 a year. Sole makers of Keystone solid gold, James Boss filled, Keystone Sterling Silver, Cyclone rolled plate and silver-roid watch cases."

Lippincott, Johnson & Co.
1021 Walnut Street
"Cloth House. Importers and jobbers of fine woolens, whose long-established trade extends over all the country. Its ornate building, in marked comparison with its neighbors, shows the transformation in Walnut St."

G.A. Bisler, Paper Box Manufacturers
249-255 N. Fifth, Franklin Square
"An ideal modern light manufacturing building, a credit to its originator and to the city. Has the most modern machinery for making an infinite variety of pasteboard boxes and folding cases."

A.G. Elliot & Co., Paper Manufacturers And Dealers
Chestnut Street, 6th and Jayne Streets
"Founded by the late A.G. Elliot, who was employed in a paper house doing business on the Jayne Street corner. It has developed into the largest paper warehouse in Philadelphia, with trade over America. It imports largely many important foreign lines, and handles the product of large domestic mills."

William Mann Co., Stationery And Blank Books
5th above Market
"One of the most extensive blank book factories in America. Lithographing, stationery and printing. Their conspicuous model factory is in 5th St. and their great wholesale and retail stores 529 Market."

Curtis Publishing Company
425 Arch Street
"The ideal home of "The Ladies' Home Journal," the largest circulating monthly, and of "The Saturday Evening Post," the oldest weekly in America, a pair of the choicest periodicals of this age."

Ziegler Brothers, Shoe Manufacturers
117-121 North 5th Street
"The foremost house in Philadelphia's immense shoe industry, especially in fine shoes for ladies and children. Their products are sold throughout United States and exported to other countries."

C.F. Rumpp & Sons, Leather Goods
5th and Cherry Sts.
"Established 1850. A model establishment holding a unique, pre-eminent position. Makes the finest pocketbooks and fancy leather goods in a handsome building owned by the firm and erected especially for this industry."

Fairmount Park
"The Largest Improved Public Park In The World. Extends along both sides of Schuylkill River five miles, and Wissahickon Creek. Protects the river from pollution. Greatest width three miles. Area, 3,353 acres. Includes several historic estates. The Horticultural Hall, a relic of the Centennial Exhibition, containing a world-famous collection of plants, is at the head of beautiful sunken gardens. Smith Memorial is a children's playhouse."

Viaduct Over Wissahickon Creek At Rittenhouse Street
"Massive skew arch structure, carrying the greatly frequented Wissahickon Drive. Replaces old "red bridge." Latest addition to the army of exquisite bridges spanning the picturesque stream."

Wissahickon Drive
"Stretches seven miles along the creek, from the Schuylkill River to county line. Of rare beauty and rich in Colonial and Revolutionary history."

Wissahickon Creek
"Tributary of the Schuylkill, flowing through deep wounded ravine. On its banks were monastery of Kelpius's German mystics and the first paper mill."

Smith Memorial Park Entrance
41st St., end of Centennial Concourse, West Park
"An unique work of white granite embellished with considerable bronze statuary. Cost $500,000, bequeathed for the purpose by the late Richard Smith as a memorial to distinguished officers in the Civil War. It was designed by James H. Windrim, and a dozen prominent American sculptors modeled the figures."

Zoological Garden
Girard Avenue and Thirty-fourth Street
"For many years has had the finest collection of animals in America. Occupies Fairmount Park land, but managed by the Zoological Society. Public school children given tickets once a year in consideration of city appropriation. Embraces tract of thirty-five acres, once known as John Penn's Country Seat "Solitude." The old John Penn House is occupied by the Society's offices."

Episcopal Church Of St. James The Less
Nicetown Lane
"Famed for the beauty of its architecture, its quaint burial ground and its ritual. Many prominent persons have been buried in the churchyard."

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