Detailed captions of King's Photographs

Saving Fund Society Of Germantown
Germantown Ave. & School Lane
"A fiduciary institution of the highest grade. Strictly a savings bank to care for the earnings of the masses. Organized 1854. Building erected 1883. Gross assets approximating $5,000,000.

Germantown Real Estate, Deposit And Trust Co.
Main Street and Chelten Avenue, Germantown
"Charter perpetual. Banking and trust business, besides examining and insuring titles, safe deposit vaults, buying, selling and renting real estate and issuing surety bonds. Capital, $300,000, undivided profits almost $200,000, gross asset, $2,600,000. A popular institution comfortably housed."

Market Square Presbyterian Church
"Delightfully situated somewhat back from Main St. (Germantown Ave.), utilizing the Soldiers' Monument and Park as a foreground."

The Mutual Fire Insurance Co. Of Germantown
No. 5521 Germantown Ave., just beyond Market Square
"Organized in 1843. A solid and successful mutual company doing fire insurance in Philadelphia, Montgomery and Bucks Counties. Assets exceed $1,000,000. Present handsome two-story brick building erected in 1884. Upper floor occupied by Germantown Historical Society."

First Methodist Church
Main and High Streets, Germantown
"Oldest Methodist society and most imposing church in Germantown. A majestic spire and handsome interior."

Historic And Picturesque Germantown
"An interesting part of Philadelphia. 1, Elliston P. Morris's house, President Washington's residence, 1793-94. 2, Ship House, a pre-Revolutionary relic. 3, Logan House, Stenton, built 1727, now occupied by Daughters of the Revolution. 4, St. Vincent's Catholic Church. 5, Old House opposite Armat Street. 6, Friends' Library. 7, Where Gilbert Stuart painted Washington's portrait. 8, St. Peter's Church. 9, Johnson House."

National Bank Of Germantown
Main Street, near Market Square, Germantown, Philadelphia
"The only national bank in Germantown district, it holds a distinctive eminence among institutions of this interesting historical, residential and manufacturing district. Its capital is $200,000 and surplus and undivided profits exceed $400,000. Its gross resources are $3,000,000. The bank was established in 1814 and has had nearly a century of prosperity."

Old Germantown Academy And New Gymnasium
"The Academy was erected in 1760 to teach English branches and "High Dutch" or German. It is a fashionable and select preparatory school, and is regarded very highly. The new gymnasium is perfectly equipped."

Germantown Cricket Club
Queen Lane Station, Germantown
"The finest equipped cricket grounds in this country. Was organized 1854, being the father of the English game in America. Has a membership of 1,200. Oftentimes called the Manheim Club."

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