Descriptive Title Lantern Slide Number
United States Hotel, opposite the United States Bank, Chestnut STreet, Philadelphia V16LS1
Swedish Log cabin above Darby Creek (about 1700) V16LS2
Blue Bell Tavern, 1766 V16LS4
Blue Bell Tavern, 1766 V16LS5
Frame House, Darby, about 1745 V16LS3
Cannon ball farm, about 1720 V16LS7
Hospital, Fort Mifflin, 1812 V16LS11
Commandant's quarters, Fort Mifflin, 1798 V16LS13
Blacksmith shop, Fort Mifflin, about 1861 V16LS17
Officer's quarters, Fort Mifflin V16LS19
Commisary store, Fort Mifflin, about 1861 V16LS21
Infantry barracks, Fort Mifflin, 1798 V16LS22
Fort Mifflin V16LS23
Gateway, Fort Mifflin, probably 1798 V16LS24
Caretakers House, powder magazine, late 18th century V16LS25
Powder Magazine, 1801 (Fort Mifflin?) V16LS26
"Bel-Air" Smigley House, 1720-30 V16LS32
"Bel-Air" Smigley House, 1720-30 V16LS33
"Bel-Air" Smigley House, 1720-30 V16LS34
Lardner House, Frankford about 1800 V16LS38
Lardner House, Frankford about 1800 V16LS39
Hope Lodge, Whitemarsh, 1721 V16LS40
Lardner House, Frankford, about 1800 V16LS41
Hope Lodge, Whitemarsh, 1721 V16LS42
Mount Pleasant built by John MacPherson, esq., 1761 V16LS45
The Upper Ferry Bridge over the Schuylkill at Fairmount, burned on Spetember 1, 1838 V16LS46
Fourth of July at Centre Square about 1818 V16LS48
A view of the Fairmount Waterworks V16LS50
S.E. view of the Swedes Church, Southwark, taken in 1829, Wilson the ornithologist is buried here V16LS51
Perspective view of Pennsylvania HOspital V16LS53
Artists Fund Hall V16LS54
The residence of Washington in High Street V16LS56
Second Street, north from Market St., The Christ Church, Philadelphia V16LS63
The east prospect of Philadelphia in the Province of Philadelpha V16LS65
Vue du Port de Philadelphia [view of the port of Philadelphia] V16LS67
Academy of Natural Science of Philadelphia V16LS77
Fort Mifflin Arsenal V16LS78