Descriptive Title Lantern Slide Number
Congress Hall and new theatre, Birch V19-LS1
New Lutheran Church, Birch V19-LS2
High Street From H...fad House, Birch V19-LS3
House built for president, 9th Street, Birch V19-LS4
New Market in south Second Street, Philadelphia V19-LS5
State House V19-LS6
Statehouse Garden, Birch V19-LS7
Bank of Pennsylvania, South Second STreet, Philadelphia V19-LS8
Latrobe's Waterworks, Birch V19-LS9
Frigate Philadelphia, Birch V19-LS10
Fairmount Waterworks and Wernwag's Bridge V19-LS11
Trunbull, 1795, Independence Hall V19-LS13
C. Foulke's House, North Wales and Swedes Ford Roads V19-LS23
Powell House on 3rd Street V19-LS25
High Street from "Stranger in America" V19-LS27
Grays Ferry in the Schuylkill V19-LS29
Clarke's Hall, Chestnut Street near 3rd, H.A. V19-LS30
First Mint V19-LS31
Across the Brandywyne at Chadd's Ford V19-LS33
C. W. Peale, Independence Hall V19-LS35
Springfield Ave. Bridge, Wissahickon V19-LS39
The Drawbridge and Dock Creek [Blue Anchor Tavern] V19-LS43
House in Strawberry Street, Death of the fox V19-LS45
Rising Sun Inn, Germantown Ave. V19-LS46
Jeffersonville Hotel V19-LS48
Perkiomen Bridge Hotel V19-LS49
Lower Merion Meeting House, PA, built 1695 V19-LS51

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