Descriptive Title Lantern Slide Number
Pamphlet by D. Benjamin Rush, 1773 V21-LS5
Plot showing location of spring at "Spring Mill" PA V21-LS6
from Penn's Gazette, advertisement for Bath-Town, 1765 V21-LS7
Penna. Gazette, notice of discovery of Philadelphia water, 1773 V21-LS8
Advertisement, "Marple Spring of Health" V21-LS9
Advertiser 7/22/1811, advertisement for Willow Grove Springs V21-LS10
PA Gazette 8/10/1744, advt. Willow Grove Springs V21-LS11
Quotation from Gabriel Thomas 1698, as to Mineral Springs V21-LS12
Advertisement for Harrowgate Springs V21-LS13
State in Schuylkill, Fairmount Park, PA V21-LS17
Time table, first railroad train in Pennsylvania V21-LS19
Ladies Reopsitory from an old engraving V21-LS20
Foot of Market Street, Philadelphia, in 1830, from a painting by William Earle Smith V21-LS21
Old store of B+C N.E. corner of 6th and Arch Street, about 1867 V21-LS22
Wire bridge on Schuylkill River, Callowhill Street, Philadelphia, PA V21-LS23
Gorgas' Mill, Cresheim Creek, Philadelphia PA V21-LS24
The Elephant, South Atlantic City V21-LS25

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