Descriptive Title Lantern Slide Number
Old Mill - Upper Wissahickon V24-LS1
On Wissahickon V24-LS2
Front and Pine Streets V24-LS3
Front Street Warehouses, once dwellings V24-LS4
Provision district, foot of South Street V24-LS5
At 2nd and Coates Streets in 1896 V24-LS6
Houses in Quince Street, below Walnut St. V24-LS7
Indian King Tavern, Germantown V24-LS8
"May Pleasant" NIcetown, Land once home of Terch Francis V24-LS9
Old Lunettes, Chestnut Theatre above 6th W. V24-LS10
"Sharp's Ave" a court near Franklin Inn Club V24-LS11
St. John's English Lutheran Church, East of 6th Street, North of Race St. V24-LS12
Rear Cadwallader and Wistar Mansions, 4th St. V24-LS13
Mange House, Chestnut above 9th Street V24-LS14
Spring Garden Water Works V24-LS15
"The Village" Locust and Broad Street, Early Houses in Juniper street V24-LS16
William Penn Hotel, 39th and Market Streets V24-LS17
St. Augustine Church, 4th Street V24-LS18
The Punch Bowl, N. Broad Street V24-LS19
London Coffee House V24-LS20
Beck Warehouses, Delaware Avenue V24-LS21
Meth. Epis. Church of St. George V24-LS22
Red Lion Tavern, York Road V24-LS23
Buck Tavern, Ridge Road below Laurel Hill V24-LS24
Libraries and Dispensary, 5th Street V24-LS25
First home of the Union League, Kuhn Mansion, Chestnut Street V24-LS27
Walnut Street Theatre, original appearance V24-LS28
First U.S. Custom House, Second St. and Emsleys Lane V24-LS29
Falstaff Tavern, 6th at Chestnut V24-LS30
Livezy Warehouse, Delaware Ave. and Race Street V24-LS31
Front Street above Race St. V24-LS32
Clifton Street above 10th and south of Walnut St. V24-LS33
Third Chestnut Street Theatre above 12th St. V24-LS34
The Windermere Hotel, Broad and Locust Streets V24-LS35
Second Chestnut Street Theatre above 6th, 1822-1855 V24-LS36
Villages of Philadelphia V24-LS37
HIstoric Inn at Haddonfield, NJ V24-LS38

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