Descriptive Title Lantern Slide Number
NE Chestnut on 5th, Fred Browns, corner pepper - silversmith, old shop V30-LS1
SW corner Chestnut and Second Streets V30-LS3
Rittenhouse Mansion, NW corner 7th and Arch V30-LS4
Jos. Sims House next to St. Peters in 3rd Street V30-LS5
Miss Sally Keens house, NW corner 10th and Chestnut St. V30-LS6
Panorama of Philadelphia V30-LS7
Philadelphia, a winter night at Broad and Walnut Streets V30-LS10
Rear of Burd House, SW 9th, showing 9th Street north of Sansom and corner of Continental Hotel V30-LS11
Dock Street showing St. Paul's, looking up chancellors V30-LS12
Arch Street, north side from 7th east, Vitoviti Store and Arch Street Theatre V30-LS14
After dagueriotype by Langenheim, 1844, Girard Bank occupied by military during the riots V30-LS18
NE corner Broad and Sansom St. V30-LS19
Chestnut Street, south side west of 12th V30-LS20
Chestnut Street west of 9th V30-LS21
Spring Garden, wire bridge looking towards Mantua Heights V30-LS22

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