Descriptive Title Lantern Slide Number
Unidentified photo of a statue V31-LS1
Unidentified print of map of New Jersey V31-LS2
High Street (Market) fron 9th Street V31-LS3
Chestnut St. Theater, burned 1820 V31-LS4
Unidentified print of map for building Jersey canal of the future V31-LS5
Chestnut St. Theater 1822-1856 V31-LS6
Unidentified print V31-LS7
Unidentified print V31-LS8
2nd St., north to Christchurch (Birch) V31-LS9
Pennsylvania Hospital (Birch) V31-LS10
Unidentified print V31-LS11
Unidentified print V31-LS12
Unidentified print V31-LS13
3rd Street from Spruce, Willins (?) House, Bingham V31-LS14
Unidentified print of American Morans (?) V31-LS15
Unidentified print V31-LS16
1st Bank of the US, Girard National Bank V31-LS17
Unidentified print of a house V31-LS18
High Street, Washington Funeral Procession, (Birch) V31-LS19
Unidentified print V31-LS20
Old Lutheran Church (Birch) V31-LS21
Old Lutheran Church (Birch) V31-LS22
SE corner of 3rd and Market (Birch) V31-LS23
Arch Street with 2nd Presbyterian Church V31-LS24
The Courthouse and Markets at 2nd St., looking west. Taken down in 1837. V31-LS25
Friends' Almhouse, Walnut St. between 3rd and 4th Sts. V31-LS27
The Bettering House on Spruce St., betweeen 10th and 11th Sts V31-LS28
The Philadelphia Library Company's First Home V31-LS29
Germantown-Wister St,Friends' Almhouse, History of the Society of Friends V31-LS31
Hush Wynne, Blue Bell Inn, Darby Road, Philadelphia V31-LS32
Penn's Letitia St. House V31-LS33
Hush Wynne, Inscription, Bartram's House V31-LS34
Bartram's House V31-LS35
Hush Wynne, Benedict Arnolds's. Mt. Pleasant, on Schuykill V31-LS36
Chew House, Germantown V31-LS37
Philadelphia, Fairmount Park, Penn Mansion, Interior V31-LS38
Unidentified print V31-LS39
Unidentified print V31-LS40
Unidentified print of a map of Philadelphia V31-LS41
The Drawbridge and Dock Creek V31-LS42
Unidentified photo V31-LS43

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