Views of Old Philadelphia
Drawings by Edward Mumford

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Edward Mumford was born in 1812 and died in 1858. In this time, he produced many small (less than three by five inches), detailed scenes of Philadelphia-area buildings and history. Because the actual image dates are unknown, it is often difficult to know if his sketches were copied, done from life, or drawn from local legends. 

A list of LCP's Mumford Collection, ordered by catalogue number, follows. Each entry may include:

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Mumford's Drawings

P.8758.1: Harris' House, Harrisburg
[Original John F. Watson May 18/60]

P.8758.2: Loxley House, So 2nd St.

P.8758.3: Nedowaway leaving the Susquehana

P.8758.4: Duche's House

P.8758.5: Friends Almshouse
[Orig . . . John F. Watson May 18/60]

P.8758.6: Friends Meeting, Front St.

P.8758.7: Logans Place -- Stenton

P.8758.8: Penny Pot Landing

P.8758.9: Friends Meeting and Court House
[Original John F. Watson May 18/60]

P.8758.10: Swedes Church and House Sven
[Original John F. Watson May 18/60]

P.8758.10a: Prison, cor. 3rd and High St.

P.8758.11: Pioneer Settlers

P.8758.12: Treaty Tree and Fairman's House

P.8758.13: Indian Treaty with Wm Penn

P.8758.14: Landing of Penn at Dock Creek

P.8758.15: Penn's Landing at Chester
[Original John F. Watson May 18/60]

P.8758.16: Peggs Run
[Original John F. Watson May 18/60]

P.8758.17: Letitia House

P.8758.18: London Coffee House

P.8758.19: Clarke's Hall and Dock Creek
[Original John F. Watson May 18/60]

P.8758.20: First Waterworks

P.8758.21: Carpenter's Hall
[Original John F. Watson May 18/60]

P.8758.22: Christ Church
[Original John F. Watson May 18/60]

P.8758.23: London Coffee House

P.8758.24: Blue Anchor and Dock Creek
[Original John F. Watson May 18/60]

P.8758.25: Arch Street Bridge

P.8758.26: [Joshua] Carpenter's Mansion

P.8758.27: [Shoemaker's Frost Farm; Germantown]
(item is water-damaged and severly cropped; image is intact, but original title has been cut off)

P.8758.29: State House Inn

P.8758.30: British Barracks
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