Philadelphia Business Buildings, 1886:
39 lithographic views of financial institutions from the borders of an 1886 map, Burk & McFetridge, pub., H. S. P. del., "Philadelphia in 1886" (Philadelphia, c. 1885), from Library of Congress {item link].

[199] Chestnut: Corn Exchange National Bank
300 Chestnut: Banking House of L. H. Taylor & Co.
303 Chestnut: Robert Glendinning & Co.
310 Chestnut: Investment Co. of Phila.
313 Chestnut: National Bank of the Republic
316 Chestnut: Guarantee Trust & Safe Deposit Co.
333 Chestnut: MacRae & Bros., bankers
406 Chestnut: Western National Bank
409 Chestnut: Provident Life & Trust Co.
413 Chestnut: Philadelphia Trust, Safe Deposit & Insurance Co.
423 Chestnut: Philadelphia National Bank
437 Chestnut: Narr & Gerlach, bankers and brokers.
[699] Chestnut: Girard Fire Insurance Co.
1200 Chestnut: Beneficial Saving Fund

[298] Walnut: Delaware Mutual Safety Insurance Co.
[299] Walnut: Ins. Co of the State of Pa. [Merchants' Exchange]
300 Walnut: Union Insurance Co.
306 Walnut: Royal Insurance Co.
308 Walnut: American Fire Insurance Co.
330 Walnut: Commercial Union Assurance Co.
331 Walnut: Liverpool & London & Globe Insurance Co.
400 Walnut: Commonwealth National Bank
411 Walnut: Imperial Fire Insurance
412 Walnut: German Fire Insurance Co.
419 Walnut: United Firemen's Insurance Co.
421 Walnut: Franklin Fire Insurance Co.
431 Walnut: Spring Garden Fire Insurance Co.
510 Walnut: Pennsylvania Fire Insurance Co.
522 Walnut: Mutual Life Insurance Co.
711 Walnut: J. T. Jackson & Co., Real Estate Broker
915 Walnut: J. Benton Young, Real Estate Broker
1000 Walnut: Western Savings Fund Society

108 South 4th: Merchants National Bank
112 South 4th: Equitable Mortgage Co.
136 South 4th: United States Plate Glass Insurance Co.

600 Spring Garden: Northern Savings Fund
[299] Arch: Union National Bank
1400 Market: Third National Bank
120 S. 3rd: Pennsylvania Warehouse & Safe Deposit Co.

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