A Sampling of Old Philadelphia Guidebooks on-line, 1811-1916.

• James Mease, The picture of Philadelphia, giving an account of its origin, increase and improvements in arts, sciences, manufactures, commerce and revenue. With a compendious view of its societies, literary, benevolent, patriotic, & religious. Its police--the public buildings--the prison and penetentiary [!] system--institutions, monied and civil--museum (Philadelphia, 1811) [www.unz.org/Pub/MeaseJames-1811?View=OL_2]

• James Mease and Thomas Wilson, Picture of Philadelphia, for 1824, containing the "Picture of Philadelphia, for 1811, by James Mease, M.D." with all its improvements since that period (Philadelphia, 1823)

A guide to the lions of Philadelphia; comprising a description of places of amusement, exhibitions, public buildings, public squares, &c., in the city (Philadelphia, 1837)

• R. A. Smith, Philadelphia as it is in 1852 : being a correct guide to all the public buildings; literary, scientific, and benevolent institutions; and places of amusement ; remarkable objects; manufacturies; commercial warehouses; and wholesale and retail stores in Philadelphia and its vicinity (Philadelphia, 1852)

• Edward Strahan, ed. A century after: picturesque glimpses of Philadelphia and Pennsylvania (Philadelphia, 1875)

• American Publishing and Engraving, Illustrated Philadelphia : its wealth and industries (Pjiladelphia, 1889).

• Moses King, Philadelphia and notable Philadelphians (Pniladelphia, 1902).

Charles Morris, Visitors' guide book to Philadelphia (Philadelphia, 1916).

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