An Evolving Inventory of Oil Paintings of Philadelphia-Area Scenes

By Wainwright's Topics

This is a preliminary attempt to compile a list of oil paintings depicting Philadelphia-area scenes, building from Nicholas B. Wainwright's mid-1960s manuscript compilation in binders at the Historical Society of Pennsylvania by adding images from other sources.

Wainwright organized his inventory into nine topics.

[The Historic Image]
[City Sights]
[Delaware River]
[The Waterworks]
[Schuylkill River]
[Wissahickon and Germantown]
[Sporting Scenes]
[Country Houses / Rural Views]
[Genre Subjects]

to which we add two more,

[Portraits with views]

One can also explore this list arranged alphabetically by artists' names .


[tvl] = topographic informational value limited; views that were made well after the fact, are imaginary, generic, or show relatively little topographical information.
(3C) = Philadelphia Museum of Art, Philadelphia: Three Centuries of American Art, Philadelphia, 1976 .
(Oedel) = William T. Oedel, Philadelphia Portrait, 1682-1982: Catalogue of an Exhibition Celebrating the Three Hundredth Anniversary of Philadelphia, Philadelphia, 1982.
(PGT) = George B. Tatum, Penn's Great Town, Philadelphia, 1961.
(Snyder) = Martin P. Snyder, City of Independence: Views of Philadelphia Before 1800, NY, 1975.
(Wainwright) = Nicholas B. Wainwright, Paintings and Miniatures at the Historical Society of Pennsylvania, rev. ed., Philadelphia, 1974.

All paintings are oil on canvas unless otherwise noted. Items below a double line in each category are those added to the set catgorized by Wainwright.

The Historic Image: Eighteenth-Century and Historical Paintings

City Sights

Delaware River

Schuylkill River

-- The Waterworks

-- Schuylkill River Scenes

Wissahickon / Germantown

Sporting Scenes

Country Houses / Rural Views


Portraits with Views of Places


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