The 1910's

This page highlights how real estate was advertised in the 1910's in daily newspapers. Examples are taken from The Philadelphia Inquirer, The Public Ledger and The Philadelphia Press. All newspapers were accessed from the Free Library of Philadelphia.
All image captions precede the image.


March 6th, 1910

Sunday, March 6th, 1910

Sunday, March 6th, 1910


Sunday, September 8th, 1918

Sunday, September 1st, 1918 p.4
This Real Estate advertisement was one of the few that I found placed outside of the Real Estate Section of the newspapers that I browsed.

Sunday, September 1st, 1918 (2 Images)

Sunday, September 8th, 1918
Building Activites in the City and Its Environs
First page in a twelve page Real Estate Section

Sunday, September 8th, 1918
First page in a twelve page Real Estate Section



Sunday, May 7th, 1905 p.4

Sunday, May 7th, 1905 p.4
Note: Different approach to advertising. Draws attention to the ad with unique formatting instead of drawings or pictures.


Thursday, May 1st, 1919 p.7
Note: that these homes are being advertised as "with garages" (Historical contextualization of evolution of the car)

Sunday, May 4th 1919 p.11
Note: advertisement for a specific suburb as opposed to a house, neighborhood, or architect/developer (although this is advertised by a Real Estate Company)

Sunday, May 4th, 1919 p. 11
Suburban Advertisements

Saturday, May 6th, 1905 p.11
Note: Advertisements for Wynnewood Manor were seen in many editions of different newspapers.


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