Mapping Class in late 19th-century Philadelphia

This site maps address coverage in the 1878 Red Book, a directory of the “fashionable” residents living in Central Philadelphia, located onto parts of a map by G. M. Hopkins, surv. and publ.,titled “Map of Philadelphia, 1876,” at the Free Library of Philadelphia, [via]. Thinner blue lines indicate less then 10 listings on that block, thicker ones ten or more listings. Clicking on it will enlarge the view.

The Red Book appears to have been the earliest of the city's social directories; it was focused exclusively on Center City and parts of North Philadelphia.

title page   typical listing, for Spruce Street.

Below, numbers of listings for each block are indicated. The colors are not siginificant, meant just to distinguish which street they beling to when they are close together. This view too can be enlarged by clicking on it.

This was a two-day team project devised by an impromptu team of five who generously volunteered at a GLAM (galleries,libraries, archives, and museums) Hackathon held at Penn's Van Pelt Library in January 2014. Participants were Amanda Lasmus, Lawrence Shapiro, Kelli Massa, JR, and Jeffrey Cohen.

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