338 South 21st Street
Drawn By: Vera Neumann

125 South 22nd Street
Architects: Hewitt Brothers, 1889
Drawn By: Simon Tickell

230 South 22nd Street
Built: 1866
Drawn By: M. Johnston

313 South 22nd Street
Drawn By: G. Robert Overhiser

254 South 23rd Street
Drawn By: Eve Weingarten

336 South 24th Street
Drawn By: Howard Albert

507 South 24th Street
Drawn By: M.E. Thometz

509 South 24th Street
Drawn By: Nancy Levnison

331 South 25th Street
Drawn By: Shirley T. Lamberth

2010 Addison Street
Drawn By: Bonnie Humphrey

2214 Bainbridge Street
Drawn By: Nancy Levinson

2219 Bainbridge Street
Drawn By: J.F. Hayes

406G South Croskey Street
Drawn By: Maureen K. Carlson

1724 Delancey Place
Drawn By: Eve Baltzell

1818 Delancey Place
Architect: Andrew Duggins, 1925
Drawn By: Kevin J. Stimpson

2005 Delancey Street
Architect: George Howe, 1935
Drawn By: Karen Ham

2014 Delancey Place
Drawn By Ruth Dresdner

2014 Delancey Place
Drawn By: Mary Sun

2019 Delancey Place
Architects: DE Armond Ashmead and Bickley, c. 1935
Drawn By: Rachel Stone Simmons

2022 Delancey Place
Drawn By: Gerri Spilka

2029 Delancey Place
Drawn By: Thomas Yang

2206 Delancey Place
Drawn By: David Synder

2211 Delancey Place
Drawn By: Robert A. Meier

2318 Delancey Place
Drawn By: Glenna Dugan

2415 Delancey Place
Architect: Walter Weissman, 1963
Drawn By: Lisa Naide

1629 Locust Street
Architect: Horace Trumbauer, 1902
Drawn By: R. Mohler and M. Stroud

2044 Locust Street
Drawn By: David E. Gross

2105 Locust Street
Drawn By: Beth Alson

2110 Locust Street
Drawn By: Anne E. Seidler

2117 Locust Street
Drawn By: Consuela M. Osborne

2143 Locust Street
Architect: Charles Barton Keen
Drawn By: Barbara Freidman

2221 Locust Street
Drawn By: William Braham

2302 Locust Street
Drawn By: Mary Ann Griffin

2320 Locust Street
Drawn By: Karen Li

2204 Lombard Street
Drawn By: Agnes Kan

2312 Lombard Street
Architect: John Blatteau
Drawn By: Archangelo Guida

2313 Lombard Street
Built: 1865
Drawn By: Kelly French

2318 Naudain Street
Drawn By: Scott Kalner

1908 Panama Street
Drawn By: Douglas Cohen

1930 Panama Street
Drawn By: T.D. Carlander

2415 Panama Street
Architect: John Randolph, 1977
Drawn By: Rod Wolfson

2038 Pine Street
Drawn By: Jonathan Richmond

2210 Pine Street
Drawn By: James J. Murphy

2223 Pine Street
Drawn By: Clay Chandler

2403 Pine Street
Renovated: Steven Gatschet, 1981
Drawn By: Alison Towers

2419 Pine Street
Built: 1829
Drawn By: Yucha Y. Su

2424 Pine Street
Drawn By: Eric Sternfels

2505 Pine Street
Drawn By: Susi Schickedanz

2209 Rittenhouse Square
Built: 1847
Drawn By: W. Merrill Dow, Jr.

2121 Rodman Street
Drawn By: Sarah Weyand

318 South Smedley Street
Drawn By: Shelia Fogel

326 South Smedley Street
Drawn By: Abby Rosenblum

2121 Spruce Street
Built: 1885
Drawn By: Anthony Pagones

2129 Spruce Street
Drawn By: M.B. Schindler

2129 Spruce Street
Drawn By: Siew Lih Khoo

2317 Spruce Street
Drawn By Fredda Lippes

2428 Spruce Street
Drawn By: C. Thomas

2142 St. James Place
Architect: Spencer Roberts, 1924
Drawn By: L.A. Millan

2203 St. James Place
Architect: Frank Furness, 1880
Drawn By: Wlliam Holt

2219 St. James Place
Brawn By: Robert Puzauskie

418 South Van Pelt Street
Drawn By: Chris Broda

1902 Waverly Street
Drawn By: Scott Simons

2017 Waverly Street
Built: c. 1911
Drawn By: Julia Doern

2414 Waverly Street
Drawn By: Dominic Paul Mercadante

2511 Waverly Street
Architect: Anne Griswold Tyng
Drawn By: Stephen G. Solley