A Comparative Study of Philadelphia Rowhouses


Here is a list of all the sites drawn as a part of this project with links to images. This list is organized alphabetically by address, with numbered streets listed first. To access sites from a map, return to the rowhouses front page.

233 South 3rd Street
Architect: I. M. Pei, 1962
Drawn By: Paul Muller

234 South 3rd Street
Drawn By: Alan Treister

244 South 3rd Street
Drawn By: Robert A. Petito, Jr.

270 South 3rd Street
Drawn By: Resa Perlmutter

411 South 3rd Street
Drawn By: Jack Wilson

421 South 3rd Street
Drawn By: Miles A. Katz

348 South 5th Street
Drawn By: Paula Behrens

333 South 6th Street
Drawn By: Michelle Chenette

718 South 6th Street
Drawn By: Juan Levy

6123 North 11th Street
Drawn By: F. Gussack

425 South 13th Street
Architect: George Harmstead, 1830
Drawn By: Amy McCoy

338 South 21st Street
Drawn By: Vera Neumann

125 South 22nd Street
Architects: Hewitt Brothers, 1889
Drawn By: Simon Tickell

230 South 22nd Street
Built: 1866
Drawn By: M. Johnston

313 South 22nd Street
Drawn By: G. Robert Overhiser

254 South 23rd Street
Drawn By: Eve Weingarten

336 South 24th Street
Drawn By: Howard Albert

507 South 24th Street
Drawn By: M.E. Thometz

509 South 24th Street
Drawn By: Nancy Levnison

331 South 25th Street
Drawn By: Shirley T. Lamberth

428 South 42nd Street
Drawn By: Ray Ruhlman

255 South 44th Street
Built: 1889
Drawn By: David Coe

507 South 44th Street
Drawn By: Gerald K. Eysaman

530 South 47th Street
Drawn By: Art Frazier

505 Addison Street
Drawn By: Sally Pinigis

2010 Addison Street
Drawn By: Bonnie Humphrey

112 West Allens Lane
Drawn By: Anthony Q. James

115 West Allens Lane
Drawn By: Michael Palmer

419 Anthwyn Road
Drawn By: Archangelo Guida

2433 Aspen Street
Drawn By: A. Johnson

2214 Bainbridge Street
Drawn By: Nancy Levinson

2219 Bainbridge Street
Drawn By: J.F. Hayes

3501 Baring Street
Drawn By: Jill Chamberlain

99 Bells Mill Road
Architect: J. Wallings
Drawn By: James MaCalister

7149 Boyer Street
Drawn By: J.P. Gibbons

1514 South Broad Street
Drawn By: Harris Steinberg

324 South Camac Street
Built: 1826
Drawn By: Nestor Mathews

207 Catharine Street
Architect: Hugh Zimmers, 1979
Drawn By: Sandra D. Bertram

411 Catherine Street
Drawn By: Ellen Albert

4735 Cedar Avenue
Drawn By: Lynn Borkenhagen

5019 Cedar Avenue
Built: 1898
Drawn By: Osia Orailoglu

2046 Cherry Street
Built: 1869-70
Drawn By: Gregor D. Smith

921 Clinton Street
Drawn By: Susan Rand

114 West Coulter Street
Drawn By: Bob Fong

121 West Coulter Street
Drawn By: Gerry Frank

406G South Croskey Street
Drawn By: Maureen K. Carlson

2125 Cypress Street
Drawn By: Melissa Hoadley

520 Delancey Place
Renovation: Roger Lewis, 1968
Built: 1840-1860 Drawn By: Peggy J. Hoffart

1724 Delancey Place
Drawn By: Eve Baltzell

1818 Delancey Place
Architect: Andrew Duggins, 1925
Drawn By: Kevin J. Stimpson

2005 Delancey Street
Architect: George Howe, 1935
Drawn By: Karen Ham

2014 Delancey Place
Drawn By Ruth Dresdner

2014 Delancey Place
Drawn By: Mary Sun

2019 Delancey Place
Architects: DE Armond Ashmead and Bickley, c. 1935
Drawn By: Rachel Stone Simmons

2022 Delancey Place
Drawn By: Gerri Spilka

2029 Delancey Place
Drawn By: Thomas Yang

2206 Delancey Place
Drawn By: David Synder

2211 Delancey Place
Drawn By: Robert A. Meier

2318 Delancey Place
Drawn By: Glenna Dugan

2415 Delancey Place
Architect: Walter Weissman, 1963
Drawn By: Lisa Naide

116 Elfreth's Alley
Built: 1785
Drawn By: R. Buckley

631 West Ellet Street
Drawn By: Jim Futral

641 Fanshawe Street
Drawn By: Robert Coolidge

2417 Fairmount Avenue
Drawn By: Martha Bassett

202 Federal Street
Drawn By: Robin Gross

328 Fitzwater Street
Architect: Baker Rothschild Horn Blyth
Drawn By: Beth Wells

308 Front Street
Architect: Louis Sauer, 1970
Drawn By: J. Winthrop

321 Gaskill Street
Drawn By: Randall Knox

5442 Germantown Avenue
Drawn By: Terry Kornblum

6026 Germantown Avenue
Drawn By: Phillip Hooper

6505 Germantown Avenue
Built: 1727 Drawn By: Brain J. Billings

35 East Gorgas Lane
Drawn By: Rick Votta

2119 Green Street
Renovated by Steven White (1979)
Drawn By: John Holland

2146 Green Street
Drawn By: Jackie Gargus

4628 Hazel Avenue
Drawn By: Katherine Cochran

317 Iseminger Street
Drawn By: Jennifer Wilde

407 South Iseminger Street
Built in 1829
Drawn By: Laura J. Strychalski

1102 Irving Street
Architect: Jesse Brown, c. 1815 Drawn By: David Gregory Cornelius

4064 Irving Street
Drawn By: Robert MacNeille

123 North Lambert Street
Built: 1865
Drawn By: James Hemmerly

320 Lawrence Court
Architect: Bower and Fradley
Drawn By: Leonardo Fusco

188 Levering Street
Drawn By: Jane Stevens

226 Locust Street
Architect: Louis Sauer
Drawn By: Phillip Wild

1629 Locust Street
Architect: Horace Trumbauer, 1902
Drawn By: R. Mohler and M. Stroud

2044 Locust Street
Drawn By: David E. Gross

2105 Locust Street
Drawn By: Beth Alson

2110 Locust Street
Drawn By: Anne E. Seidler

2117 Locust Street
Drawn By: Consuela M. Osborne

2143 Locust Street
Architect: Charles Barton Keen
Drawn By: Barbara Freidman

2221 Locust Street
Drawn By: William Braham

2302 Locust Street
Drawn By: Mary Ann Griffin

2320 Locust Street
Drawn By: Karen Li

1211 Lombard Street
Architect: Frank Weiss, 1965
Drawn By: Mark Aseltine

1247 Lombard Street
Drawn By: M. L. Skinner

2204 Lombard Street
Drawn By: Agnes Kan

2312 Lombard Street
Architect: John Blatteau
Drawn By: Archangelo Guida

2313 Lombard Street
Built: 1865
Drawn By: Kelly French

186 Maiden Street
Drawn By: Deborah E. B. Herman

2551 Meredith Street
Drawn By: J. Pierpoline

2318 Naudain Street
Drawn By: Scott Kalner

8815 Norwood Avenue
Architect: Vaux, 1860-1870
Drawn By: Jeffrey G. Woosley

2411 Olive Street
Drawn By: Timur Galen

4624 Osage Street
Drawn By: Michel Giardino

1908 Panama Street
Drawn By: Douglas Cohen

1930 Panama Street
Drawn By: T.D. Carlander

2415 Panama Street
Architect: John Randolph, 1977
Drawn By: Rod Wolfson

715 Pemberton Street
Drawn By: D.L. Schumaker

716 Pemberton Street
Drawn By: Jim Dart

100 Pine Street
Architect: Louis Sauer
Drawn By: Janet Jones

127 Pine Street
Architect: Louis Sauer, 1969
Drawn By: Barry Harrison

417 Pine Street
Architect: Giovanni Cosco, 1973
Drawn By: Jean Farquhar

1537 Pine Street
Drawn By: Ruth Finch

2038 Pine Street
Drawn By: Jonathan Richmond

2210 Pine Street
Drawn By: James J. Murphy

2223 Pine Street
Drawn By: Clay Chandler

2403 Pine Street
Renovated: Steven Gatschet, 1981
Drawn By: Alison Towers

2419 Pine Street
Built: 1829
Drawn By: Yucha Y. Su

2424 Pine Street
Drawn By: Eric Sternfels

2505 Pine Street
Drawn By: Susi Schickedanz

254 South Quince Street
Drawn By: Ann Leopold

4217 Regent Street
Drawn By: David Morse

4232 Regent Street
Drawn By: James Parker

429 West Rittenhouse Street
Drawn By: Barbara Dziorney

2209 Rittenhouse Square
Built: 1847
Drawn By: W. Merrill Dow, Jr.

8117 Roanoke Street
Drawn By: Stephen Facey

2121 Rodman Street
Drawn By: Sarah Weyand

2324 St. Alban's Place
Drawn By: Arturo Veve

2142 St. James Place
Architect: Spencer Roberts, 1924
Drawn By: L.A. Millan

2203 St. James Place
Architect: Frank Furness, 1880
Drawn By: Wlliam Holt

2219 St. James Place
Brawn By: Robert Puzauskie

266 St. Joesph's Way
Architect: I. M. Pei, 1968
Drawn By: Jan Brodie

208 St. Mark's Place
Drawn By: Deborah Solo

318 South Smedley Street
Drawn By: Shelia Fogel

326 South Smedley Street
Drawn By: Abby Rosenblum

2110 Spring Street
Drawn By: Joesph Siry

234 Spruce Street
Renovated By: Irving Shapiro
Drawn By: Carol Schwartz

531 Spruce Street
Architect: Cope, Linder and Walmsley, 1972
Drawn By: Leigh Stanton Breslau

606 Spruce Street
Architect: Roger Lewis, 1970
Drawn By: I. Steingut

2121 Spruce Street
Built: 1885
Drawn By: Anthony Pagones

2129 Spruce Street
Drawn By: M.B. Schindler

2129 Spruce Street
Drawn By: Siew Lih Khoo

2317 Spruce Street
Drawn By Fredda Lippes

2428 Spruce Street
Drawn By: C. Thomas

4441 Spruce Street
Drawn By: Steve Brown

204 Sunset Avenue
Architect: Louis Kahn, 1962
Drawn By: Gray Read

152 Sutton Road
Architect: Frank Lloyd Wright, 1939
Drawn By: Bradley Lambertsen

746 Taylor Street
Drawn By: Linda Kiisk

2 Tohopeka Lane
Architect: Robert R. McGoodwin, 1938
Drawn By: Evan Lippincott

15 University Mews
Architect: Ron Turner, 1962
Drawn By: Fred Kramer

116 Van Pelt Street
Drawn By: Anthony Fisher

418 South Van Pelt Street
Drawn By: Chris Broda

343 Walnut Street
Drawn By: Peter Doo

1902 Waverly Street
Drawn By: Scott Simons

2017 Waverly Street
Built: c. 1911
Drawn By: Julia Doern

2414 Waverly Street
Drawn By: Dominic Paul Mercadante

2511 Waverly Street
Architect: Anne Griswold Tyng
Drawn By: Stephen G. Solley

381 Williams Road
Architect: Charles Dagit
Drawn By: Michel Adams

314 Willings Alley
Architect: I. M. Pei, 1965
Drawn By: Chris Miller

7831 Winston Court
Architect: H. Louis Duhring, 1925
Drawn By: Donna Lisle

114 North Woodstock Street
Drawn By: Norman Marsilius

2315 East York Street
Drawn By: J. Pfuhl

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