450 West Chestnut Hill Avenue

(poto courtesy of Chesnut Hill Historical Society-John Naylor Collection- 1970.54)

DATE: 1910 (renovation)
ORIGINAL OWNER: Katie E. Hoopes.

Original Queen Anne style front half of house is now demolished. In 1910 Brockie and Hastings designed this renovation for M. J. Wright, called "Tolethorpe". On the 1899 atlas, plate 19, the original foot print is an oblique angle shape, and owned by Katie E. Hoopes.
Borie lists sites for Naylor #32 (1970.54) and #33 (1970.55) - "The Owen's, John McCloskey next door, Nelson Buckley, John Mason." The 1929 CH Telephone Directory lists John McCloskey at 8720 Germantown Avenue. E. Nelson Buckley at 5 E. Chestnut Hill Avenue. In 1903 R. Nelson Buckley is at "Erdenheim", Stenton Avenue.