8765 Stenton Avenue


(photo courtsy of Chesnut Hill Historical Society-John Naylor Collection- 1970.69)

DATE: Unknown

"Rauhala". Hotchkin, p. 439 - "We next reach the place of Mr. Kelsey, on the same side. The house was built by William Platt, who resided in it after he had lived in the last-named house. Then John Welsh, Jr. owned it for a number of years. Then it was purchased by Mr. Kelsey. Birch Lane runs along the side of the property. This is a sweet rustic lane, which in its wildness appears to be far away from the rush of city life, with its "madding crowd". There is a beautiful spring on this property near the lane. There are two basins to contain the water, and a country path and a miniature waterfall are striking points in the landscape, while overhanging trees add beauty to the scene. A stream runs along the base of the hill. The Albert Kelsey mansion has a bay window on the upper side, and a stone porch adorns the front. The cattle feeding on the hillside, in the early morning, where the pasture extends along the Birch Lane, presents a scene which would delight a painter like Rosa Bonheur. Beyond Birch Lane lies the Bucknell property and residence, and the Consumptive's Home. Page 501 - "Rauhala" has been
described in the Telegraph. The name is Swedish and means peaceful home.